Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sister Quilt

I should have a better name for this awesome quilt, but I don't. 
It is pretty awesome though. I love it!
I got my sister for Christmas. I wanted to make her a quilt. It is kinda my thing lately.
 I love the fabric I found. I based it all off the giraffe print. Bright colors, but not too girly.
 All sewn.
 The back is beautiful too! 
I love the rainbow trim at the top. I ran out of black, but it looks great!
 To Jenny
 With all the nieces and nephews' hands sewn in.
Even Baby Turino.
She loved it too.

Monday, December 10, 2012


Okay, so I have been gone for a while. Christmas crept up on me and I had to get busy.
Really this should go on my crafty blog, but I can only handle one at a time right now. Maybe later.
First up, I found this idea on Pinterest. (of course) I had them planned for Father's day. Yea, that long ago. I wanted them done before Thanksgiving, but that didn't happen. I am glad they got done now. They are so cute!

 It helps that both Grandpa's like candy and keep a "stache" around.
Okay, so only Josh's Dad has a mustache now, but my Dad did years ago. It is actually a funny story. One day when I was about 5, he shaved it off. When he came home that night, I didn't know who he was and told my Mom that "some man" was at our door. He had to convince me it was him.
 All filled up and ready to gift!
This one is for my Mom. She sent me home with a cake for my Birthday. It was in a very old tin pan and you could taste it. (Yuck!) So, I thought I would try this out. Now, she can give it away and it will come back to her. (hopefully a sibling doesn't steal it!) The most expensive part was the $12 dish. The etch cream is usually $12, but I had a 50% coupon. Perfect.
 Vinyl all cut out and stuck on
 Upside down with etch cream.
 All Done! Doesn't it look awesome?
 The other side. I love how it turned out! I was a bit skeptical because it is permanent and looks like you could really mess it up. But it was so easy! I am totally going to do it again. I actually re-thought the "Stache" jars because I liked this so much. But, that would require undoing and re-doing and I am so NOT going to do that.
 I fixed one and made the others out of bought bows. Easy peasy and cute too!
This little outfit is for Cousin Dixie. I had the onesies. Sewed on the necklace. Made some simple hair bows. (she can wear them on a baby headband) Then, used the rest of the 1/4 yard on the skirt. Done. On second thought, I should have put a pin on the back of one of the bows so it could be worn on the shirt. Next time. I hope it fits at least once.

Only one more big gift to finish. 
Then, a baby quilt. Maybe I can work on the hooded towels I planned since June. Or the name towels. 
Yea, maybe in January.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

2 Year Old Outfits

I can't believe Capri is going to be 3 on February. She has grown up so much in the last 6 months. She has lost some of the babyness in her face and actually got taller! Yay! 
Since Rome started going to preschool, I have him pick out his clothes the night before. (I tend to sleep in as much as possible) So, Capri likes to pick out her clothes the night before too. Her outfits tend to be  a lot more accessorized. She will get out of bed at night to add shoes, bags, stuffed animals, jewelry, hair ties. Anything she thinks the outfit might need. They keep getting more elaborate too.
Typical 2 year old
What she wears most of the day
The tutu started going with EVERYTHING
See my pretty tutu? Hehe!
Orange tutu while picking pumpkins, cute!
Yea, they get complicated from here.
Dress,  shirt, pants, belt, sparkly shoes, tutu, crown, necklace, bracelet, bag AND Baby Zeusy.
No more tees and jeans for this girl.
Sparkly slippers and heart basket anyone?
I really like this one. We have all the patterns covered.
Zebra dress, pattern sweater, turtle pants, sparkly crown and slippers.
Yes, the tutu fits under anything. 
I try to help her pick things that match, but she does her own thing. 
She sure is fun though!