Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ducky Fishing

Back in October I was having a hard time with Rome. He would not take a nap, but would not be happy just playing or watching TV every afternoon either. I didn't like putting him in front of the TV, but by 3 pm I was ready to kill him and needed a Mommy Break. (I still really miss his naps.) So, I started looking up toddler activities. I found tons of stuff I could do and not any time to do them. The first time I tried to do anything, it was this. It is not how the original activity went, but it kept him busy and me happy. I guess it worked.

My jerry-rigged fishing pole

The biggest container I could find, an old baby ducky bathtub, with alphabet magnets in it.

Rome trying to fish for magnets. It really didn't work. The magnets were so weak you couldn't "catch" anything.

It turned into a sorting game.

That works too. I want to keep doing this stuff. We will have to see how it goes.


A couple of months ago I noticed something under Rome's chin. I thought it was food and kept trying to wash it off. I finally got a good look at it and it was...a freckle. Yup, Rome got his first freckle. Well, a couple weeks later he had a piece of something on his lip that wouldn't go away. You guessed it, another freckle. Weird how they show up randomly. Funny how I have the same ones. We must be related or something. His are much cuter though.

What a cute freckle (and a tear that he never wipes away)

Mine are a lot more and faded (I work hard on that), but its there.

It is really hard to get a two year old to sit still like this. It is hard to see, but its there. My picture was worse. I left it out. You will have to trust me that I have a similar freckle under my chin.


Capri has teeny tiny feet. So finding shoes that fit is hard. She has lots of shoes for such a small person.

These were her first pair. I found the smallest newborn shoes I could find. She wore them forever. I think 6 months. They are so worn they almost have holes.

I got these two at a baby shower and I sewed on ribbons so they would stay on.

They are so cute! They only lasted 2 months, but she wore them every chance she could.
These were from Aunt Marge. Cute, but I couldn't get them to stay on for anything.

These are her church shoes. I found them at a second hand kids store. They almost don't fit.

These are super cute too. I need to see if they fit. They might keep her little toes warm.

I got these on clearance and I don't know if she will ever wear them. Maybe if she is still in size 2 by this summer.

Here are her current shoes. They are size 2 and a little big, but they stay on. The grippies on the bottom are perfect for standing, cruising and walking. Except, she has figured out how to take them off and likes to chew on them. Oh well. I guess they taste good.
Just wanted to share. Baby shoes are so adorable.

October Overload

So, October got lost in the hustle. We did lots of fun stuff.

We got into trouble

And broke stuff.

We cuddled.

Slept on tables.

Wore fuzzy shoes.

Got into everything.

Walked through a corn maze or two.

Played with pumpkins.

Rode a pony. Rome was SOOO excited!

Wore cute clothes

And cool costumes.
Rome is Go Fast-Lightening McQueen and Capri is the Piston Cup Trophy.

We had a party, of which I took terrible pictures.

Josh was Ricky Bobby, I was the Trophy Wife. Get it? I know we are so witty.

We went Trick-or-Treating.

Got lots of candy and had so much fun!