Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Craftiness

I could not think of any gifts this year and decided to make presents for my family. It was not long before I realized how crazy I was.

It started with a nursing cover. Double sided, with pockets.

Then, a rag quilt car seat cover to match. (before its cut and all cozy and cute)

Pajamas for my whole family. Mom, Dad, Dan, Cam, Chase, Morgan and Tyler.

Matching ones for my Sister-in-law and niece.

Jenny's shorts and pants, drawstring, not elastic. Notice the white cuffs. I didn't buy enough fabric and had to improvise. They were the first pair I worked on and the next to last ones I finished.

Funny how so many hours and months can be put into such a small pile.

Next came Josh's sister

And his nieces.

A pair for Rome

and Josh. 16 pairs in all. Oh My Goodness. (I had fabric for me, but I can totally wait)

They are so cute! Already too short so they need fixed, as do Josh's. Dude, I am so tired of pajamas. I still have the fabric to make tops for all of those. Next year I will just suck it up and go to the store. So, if you missed out and want some... don't ask!

Thanksgiving and Birthday

We played in the snow.

We looked great.

We saw family.

We ate a good meal.

We had great attitudes.

We made turkey cookies.

We were entertained.

We had a Murder Mystery Gods and Goddesses Birthday Dinner. Corn Chowder, Yum!

I got presents! Chocolates

and fuzzy slippers! Good Job Honey!

Byu lost. Sorry Dan.


November in a nutshell.

Finally found Rome a coat. I got it a size too big so it is puffy and huge. He loves it. I found a smaller one and he refused to even try it on.

Rome made himself comfortable. Josh didn't even notice.

Capri learned to drink out of a sippy cup. She was pretty happy about it. Brother's cups are way more fun though.

Finally grew a little Buddha belly. I was so happy!

Went to the zoo with Grandma (we spent at least 30 min. looking at the giraffes)

and Uncle Tyler.

Rome got his tonsils out. It was tough on him and us, but he is soooo much better now!

He needed 3 spoons to eat his pudding. It tastes better that way. He is closing his eyes because he didn't want his picture taken. He also does it when he wants to say 'no' but knows he shouldn't. Like blinking is going to get him out of it.

We took a 'drive' around the kitchen.

We played together.

Capri just loves her brother. We were banging on the table together. So fun!

It is so hard looking this cute. And for Aunt Jenny.