Saturday, January 1, 2011


November in a nutshell.

Finally found Rome a coat. I got it a size too big so it is puffy and huge. He loves it. I found a smaller one and he refused to even try it on.

Rome made himself comfortable. Josh didn't even notice.

Capri learned to drink out of a sippy cup. She was pretty happy about it. Brother's cups are way more fun though.

Finally grew a little Buddha belly. I was so happy!

Went to the zoo with Grandma (we spent at least 30 min. looking at the giraffes)

and Uncle Tyler.

Rome got his tonsils out. It was tough on him and us, but he is soooo much better now!

He needed 3 spoons to eat his pudding. It tastes better that way. He is closing his eyes because he didn't want his picture taken. He also does it when he wants to say 'no' but knows he shouldn't. Like blinking is going to get him out of it.

We took a 'drive' around the kitchen.

We played together.

Capri just loves her brother. We were banging on the table together. So fun!

It is so hard looking this cute. And for Aunt Jenny.

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