Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Craftiness

I could not think of any gifts this year and decided to make presents for my family. It was not long before I realized how crazy I was.

It started with a nursing cover. Double sided, with pockets.

Then, a rag quilt car seat cover to match. (before its cut and all cozy and cute)

Pajamas for my whole family. Mom, Dad, Dan, Cam, Chase, Morgan and Tyler.

Matching ones for my Sister-in-law and niece.

Jenny's shorts and pants, drawstring, not elastic. Notice the white cuffs. I didn't buy enough fabric and had to improvise. They were the first pair I worked on and the next to last ones I finished.

Funny how so many hours and months can be put into such a small pile.

Next came Josh's sister

And his nieces.

A pair for Rome

and Josh. 16 pairs in all. Oh My Goodness. (I had fabric for me, but I can totally wait)

They are so cute! Already too short so they need fixed, as do Josh's. Dude, I am so tired of pajamas. I still have the fabric to make tops for all of those. Next year I will just suck it up and go to the store. So, if you missed out and want some... don't ask!

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Brean said...

You are AMAZING! I remember now that even when we were like 10 years old you could sow! Wow!!