Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hot for July

Yup, July is almost over. I don't know where it went. It felt like it just crawled by. Maybe it was the terrible heat. Lots of 90's and some days over 100! And our swamp cooler broke. I'll just say our house was STEAMY! So here is what we did trying to stay cool.

Sparklers for July 4th, we had to practice for a couple days

Capri turned 5 Months, She is still super little and super happy
No she is not really sitting. I keep trying to show her how. She is however, crawling. Really. Up on her hands and knees then belly flop. Not very efficient but it gets her where she wants to go.

Rome dressed himself and wore Daddy's shoes

Capri tried to undress herself and got stuck

Not sleeping in her bed

Cuddling a Honey bunny

Oooo she looks bigger! Look at that chin!

We read books, of course this was as we were trying to leave somewhere.

We played a lot (in front of the fan)

Capri ate lots of things. Rice cereal, she didn't like it

Popsicles, she loved it

Newspaper, yucky

Umm...the bottle was cold.

We finally got our own pool oasis in the backyard. It was heaven!

I made Capri some hooded towels

Rome tested out our one tomato. He thought it was an apple.

I threw a shower for my Brother's fiance Morgan (with help from Mom and Clare) It was fun! And this is the only picture I got of her. Oh well.
On to August!

Monday, July 12, 2010

June Fun

Some fun stuff we did in June.

We wrestled with Daddy, and then got tired.

We held our sister.

Capri turned 4 months old.

She is such a Skinny Minnie! Only 10th % for weight!

But looks adorable!

Gramma came to visit.

And Papa (or Gra-gra) too.

We played outside and ate Popsicles.

It was really fun!

We crashed ALL of our toys outside.

We played in the turtle 'bath'.

We played in the real bath. Capri is unsure about it.

But she looks so cute after!

Capri found her thumb and loves to chew on it.

We had a yard sale on Father's Day weekend. Goodbye orange couch!

We got a fancy new couch!

Cory came to visit.

We went to Glenwood Hot Springs. Rome LOVED it!
Oh, what a fun summer already!