Monday, July 12, 2010

June Fun

Some fun stuff we did in June.

We wrestled with Daddy, and then got tired.

We held our sister.

Capri turned 4 months old.

She is such a Skinny Minnie! Only 10th % for weight!

But looks adorable!

Gramma came to visit.

And Papa (or Gra-gra) too.

We played outside and ate Popsicles.

It was really fun!

We crashed ALL of our toys outside.

We played in the turtle 'bath'.

We played in the real bath. Capri is unsure about it.

But she looks so cute after!

Capri found her thumb and loves to chew on it.

We had a yard sale on Father's Day weekend. Goodbye orange couch!

We got a fancy new couch!

Cory came to visit.

We went to Glenwood Hot Springs. Rome LOVED it!
Oh, what a fun summer already!


Autumn said...

Capri is adorable!! Love Rome's swimming outfit too :)

Clarissa said...

LOVE the new couch!!! And LOVE Capri! She is such a doll!!! Cannot wait to see you!