Sunday, March 3, 2013


I cannot think of why I have been so busy, but I have. This is the first lazy saturday we have had in a long while. It was really nice. I almost forgot how nice it was to not do anything. 
It started out by sleeping in...until 7:30. I know, pretty great. 
I ate breakfast and fed the kids.
Then, I decided to make chocolate chip pancakes for brunch. They were yummy.
This guy, is starting to sit up. He gets very upset if he falls over though.

He always looks so surprised. I really was going for a smile.
I got a book about a piggy bank and Rome decided he NEEDED one. Like, now. Well, I was not going to go out on my Lazy Saturday and find one. (I wasn't about to spend the money on one anyway.) So, I came up with these. Wa-La! Instant Jar Bank. I liked them. Rome took some convincing. "But, Mom! It doesn't even look like a Pig! Let me show you what it is supposed to look like...)
Then, he got pennies for chores. 
Now, he is serious about doing extra chores. I had to start thinking of what I could have him do. First thing he did was pick up his room without me asking. Score! He even washed the windows, inside and out! I had to re-do it, but that is not the point.
After a while, we redecorated their room. Rome kept asking for pictures on his walls. So, we moved these from the other room. There is also a dinosaur poster and a Captain Moroni poster on the sides of this picture.
I rearranged Capri's bed and pictures a little. It really opens the room up and I think it looks pretty cute too.
It was a pretty productive day for just lounging around in our pj's. We made cookies later too. They didn't work, but were still yummy!
Mmm. What a nice lazy saturday!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Turino's Half Year

Turino is now 6 months old. Almost 7, yikes! I thought it was about time for some baby cuteness.
Fast forward!
 1 Day
1 Week
 2 Weeks
 1 Month
2 Months
 Blessing Day

 3 Months
 4 Months
 5 Months
 Look at those big eyes!
 Got my camera to focus close up!

 6 Months

I am sure he will hate me for this one day.
Stinkin' cute naked baby buns!
This little guy is so much fun! He is always moving and chatting and jumping! Serious, holding him is a workout. A 15 lb jumping weight on your lap. He is so happy all the time. I really love when he is awake at night. That is when I can play and talk with him and not have to take care of other things. He can roll over, but plays it up and screams whenever you put him down. I wish he would eat better, he just gets so distracted. Any noise and he stops eating to see what is going on. I have started locking myself in his room just to get him to eat at all. He would rather play and talk than eat. Ever. I have to pump half the time because he just won't eat. I started adding pumped milk in his oatmeal. I even broke down and bought formula to see if it would help him gain some weight. The stinker ate it right up. Buddy, I give you the good stuff and you won't eat it, but that store bought stuff is great? gah! Lucky, you are so adorable. I love you so much Turino!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Today's Tidbit

Halfway through scraping the last spoonful of Nutella deliciousness into the last quarter cup of greek yogurt in the tub, I decide I should have used a bowl. Because, how am I going to lick the last of my tasty and (mostly) healthy snack out of the bottom of that tub? A spoon is just not going to cut it and I am not going to stoop to using my fingers. I will leave that to my two-year-old. Okay, she turns three on Monday. Anyway, she still uses her fingers to eat. A lot. We have discussed it. She agrees with me, she should be a Big Girl and use her spoon. She just wants to lick her fingers and so must use them. Okay, Mommieee? Hee-he! (cute smile, twinkle in her eye, head tilt)
I switch to a bowl, but lost at least a quarter of a teaspoon of chocolatey yogurt. ugh. I really should not take these things so seriously.
On another note, I should cut out sugar. It would probably help my lose-the-baby-weight diet. I just really like sugar. It makes me happy. Being fat does not make me happy, but sugar always does. Its a problem.
I kinda of fell off the no sugar, be healthy wagon this week. (I want to say weekend because that would be shorter than the whole week. Like I was only bad for a few days and not 5 or 6. But it is only Friday, the weekend just started. Dang.) I made cookie pie for Superbowl Sunday. It was made with beans, so I was trying to stay good. Then, I ran into clearance all natural chocolate covered candies (like M&M's) for a quarter. A Quarter! I went back and got every one. They are delicious. Oh me! They say all natural though, right? Yea...then I went mad and made a Chocoflan cake for Bunco night. It is GOOD. I still have half a bundt cake in my fridge. Drool. My prize from Bunco night was ice cream WITH chocolate syrup, whip cream AND sprinkles. I swear it is calling my name from the freezer. I can't eat it yet because I still have cookie pie and chocoflan cake left.
I really felt accomplished that I chose healthy (mostly) nutella greek yogurt for an after dinner snack.
Tomorrow I need to go grocery shopping for treats for Rome's classmates, and one for his party, and for snack the day after. Capri's Birthday party is Saturday. Oh, is it Valentine's Day too?
I better workout a lot because I just don't see next week going well.
Now, back to sewing a tote bag to give as a gift for the birthday party that we went to today.
This gift is so shows up fashionably late.

Monday, January 7, 2013


I have lots of things I could post. Christmas, New Years, Baby Turino. 
Eh, I will do those later. 
Today you get Baby T, Five months old and Growling.
Its his new favorite thing.
Cutest growling ever.
What a funny kid!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sister Quilt

I should have a better name for this awesome quilt, but I don't. 
It is pretty awesome though. I love it!
I got my sister for Christmas. I wanted to make her a quilt. It is kinda my thing lately.
 I love the fabric I found. I based it all off the giraffe print. Bright colors, but not too girly.
 All sewn.
 The back is beautiful too! 
I love the rainbow trim at the top. I ran out of black, but it looks great!
 To Jenny
 With all the nieces and nephews' hands sewn in.
Even Baby Turino.
She loved it too.

Monday, December 10, 2012


Okay, so I have been gone for a while. Christmas crept up on me and I had to get busy.
Really this should go on my crafty blog, but I can only handle one at a time right now. Maybe later.
First up, I found this idea on Pinterest. (of course) I had them planned for Father's day. Yea, that long ago. I wanted them done before Thanksgiving, but that didn't happen. I am glad they got done now. They are so cute!

 It helps that both Grandpa's like candy and keep a "stache" around.
Okay, so only Josh's Dad has a mustache now, but my Dad did years ago. It is actually a funny story. One day when I was about 5, he shaved it off. When he came home that night, I didn't know who he was and told my Mom that "some man" was at our door. He had to convince me it was him.
 All filled up and ready to gift!
This one is for my Mom. She sent me home with a cake for my Birthday. It was in a very old tin pan and you could taste it. (Yuck!) So, I thought I would try this out. Now, she can give it away and it will come back to her. (hopefully a sibling doesn't steal it!) The most expensive part was the $12 dish. The etch cream is usually $12, but I had a 50% coupon. Perfect.
 Vinyl all cut out and stuck on
 Upside down with etch cream.
 All Done! Doesn't it look awesome?
 The other side. I love how it turned out! I was a bit skeptical because it is permanent and looks like you could really mess it up. But it was so easy! I am totally going to do it again. I actually re-thought the "Stache" jars because I liked this so much. But, that would require undoing and re-doing and I am so NOT going to do that.
 I fixed one and made the others out of bought bows. Easy peasy and cute too!
This little outfit is for Cousin Dixie. I had the onesies. Sewed on the necklace. Made some simple hair bows. (she can wear them on a baby headband) Then, used the rest of the 1/4 yard on the skirt. Done. On second thought, I should have put a pin on the back of one of the bows so it could be worn on the shirt. Next time. I hope it fits at least once.

Only one more big gift to finish. 
Then, a baby quilt. Maybe I can work on the hooded towels I planned since June. Or the name towels. 
Yea, maybe in January.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

2 Year Old Outfits

I can't believe Capri is going to be 3 on February. She has grown up so much in the last 6 months. She has lost some of the babyness in her face and actually got taller! Yay! 
Since Rome started going to preschool, I have him pick out his clothes the night before. (I tend to sleep in as much as possible) So, Capri likes to pick out her clothes the night before too. Her outfits tend to be  a lot more accessorized. She will get out of bed at night to add shoes, bags, stuffed animals, jewelry, hair ties. Anything she thinks the outfit might need. They keep getting more elaborate too.
Typical 2 year old
What she wears most of the day
The tutu started going with EVERYTHING
See my pretty tutu? Hehe!
Orange tutu while picking pumpkins, cute!
Yea, they get complicated from here.
Dress,  shirt, pants, belt, sparkly shoes, tutu, crown, necklace, bracelet, bag AND Baby Zeusy.
No more tees and jeans for this girl.
Sparkly slippers and heart basket anyone?
I really like this one. We have all the patterns covered.
Zebra dress, pattern sweater, turtle pants, sparkly crown and slippers.
Yes, the tutu fits under anything. 
I try to help her pick things that match, but she does her own thing. 
She sure is fun though!