Sunday, March 3, 2013


I cannot think of why I have been so busy, but I have. This is the first lazy saturday we have had in a long while. It was really nice. I almost forgot how nice it was to not do anything. 
It started out by sleeping in...until 7:30. I know, pretty great. 
I ate breakfast and fed the kids.
Then, I decided to make chocolate chip pancakes for brunch. They were yummy.
This guy, is starting to sit up. He gets very upset if he falls over though.

He always looks so surprised. I really was going for a smile.
I got a book about a piggy bank and Rome decided he NEEDED one. Like, now. Well, I was not going to go out on my Lazy Saturday and find one. (I wasn't about to spend the money on one anyway.) So, I came up with these. Wa-La! Instant Jar Bank. I liked them. Rome took some convincing. "But, Mom! It doesn't even look like a Pig! Let me show you what it is supposed to look like...)
Then, he got pennies for chores. 
Now, he is serious about doing extra chores. I had to start thinking of what I could have him do. First thing he did was pick up his room without me asking. Score! He even washed the windows, inside and out! I had to re-do it, but that is not the point.
After a while, we redecorated their room. Rome kept asking for pictures on his walls. So, we moved these from the other room. There is also a dinosaur poster and a Captain Moroni poster on the sides of this picture.
I rearranged Capri's bed and pictures a little. It really opens the room up and I think it looks pretty cute too.
It was a pretty productive day for just lounging around in our pj's. We made cookies later too. They didn't work, but were still yummy!
Mmm. What a nice lazy saturday!

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