Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Capri

So, here is my birth story for Capri.
I talked to my midwife on Tuesday and told her I was having problems with my back going out. There is not much to do about this except for have a baby. So, she said they have an opening to induce Thursday morning. I said Yes of course! I was so excited. I called my mom to come down and thought I had everything planned, except Rome. I decided I wanted my Mom at the hospital with me. Josh was there too, but he is more of a back seat helper. Which is fine, at least he was there. Well, all evening Wed. I was calling people to see if they could watch Rome. It was not working out very well. I couldn't get a hold of anyone and it was YM/YW/Boy Scout activity night. So, nobody was answering. Finally, after 10 pm, I got some friends to say they could watch him. Ahh, good! I kept getting things ready. You know, just being nervous. I tried to go to sleep, but it didn't work. My Mom showed up at midnight and told me I should be sleeping. Yea, I know, I tried. Finally I got to sleep and woke up a dozen times until 5 am. Then, I just laid in bed until 6 when I was supposed to get up. I got ready and got Rome ready and Josh dropped him off while my Mom and I went to the hospital. We checked in and got a room and waited. Josh showed up just in time for my midwife to check me and give me the Cytotec (??) insert at about 9 am. I got my IV and antibiotics. Then, Josh went to get an oil change on his truck while Mom and I walked around the hospital. I started having a few contractions, maybe 10 minutes apart. We went back to the room to have the nurse check me at 10:45 and then walked around some more. Josh came back and brought me a snack at 11:45. I was having contractions maybe 8 min. apart and my back was hurting really bad in between. So, no real break in between, but not too bad yet. My nurse checked me again and we walked down and got Mom some lunch. We went back up and my midwife checked on me and I was only at a 2 maybe 3. She broke my water and I expected to go out and walk around some more. It never happened. I leaked and leaked and my contractions just got faster and faster. I got some kind of medicine in my IV that helped me to relax and worked great. I moved around my room and had ice on my back and my face. I was still having back pain in between contractions off and on. I could really tell when baby girl changed position because it would my back would hurt again. Time kind of got lost after that. I know my midwife checked me and I was at a 6. I wasn't real happy to hear that. She was a very good back massager though. I had the relaxing medicine again and it didn't help much. It was getting painful and I thought about getting an epidural, but at the same time I felt okay. I could make it through the contractions and relax after. It helped that the contractions only hurt on my lower belly. Not all over like with Rome. I could tell they were working and doing something and I could kind of relax into them. I finally got one last dose of relaxer medicine and got on the ball. I think Josh held ice on my back and my Mom helped me breathe. I thought it was really weird that I could hear what everyone was saying, but kind of from a distance. And I kept thinking, "I am okay, I feel pretty good." Yea, even at the end. My midwife checked me and said I was at an 8 so it would be really fast after this. I didn't want to hear that I was only an 8 and I told them that I had heard that before with Rome and I was skeptical. I think that was at 3:00. The contractions were really painful and really fast (I think). I thought that I would get an epidural after 3 more contractions. They started asking if I felt pressure and I couldn't tell. They said I could push I felt like it. So, I tried. It didn't feel better, but it kind of helped. I got on the bed and my midwife came in. She said I didn't have to wait for a contraction, just go for it. I pushed twice and she was out! at 3:50 pm. Only about 5 hours of labor. Crazy! Then, I hurt. Josh and Mom were looking at the baby and Josh cut the cord. Good job honey! I was just on the bed crying. I thought it was supposed to feel better after they are born. No, it hurt a lot. I think that is the only time I cried. I didn't even open my eyes to see the baby. I think it was about 1/2 hour later that I could calm down and sit up. I finally saw baby Capri and got to hold her. I think she looks like a little an eskimo baby with that round face and chubby cheeks.
Afterwards, I stayed in my room for a while. I was super tired. With Rome, I remember being wide awake for hours. Not so with Capri. I was exhausted and couldn't sleep. They wanted to check me and nurse a baby and move me and check me and nurse a baby and check me again. Seriously, they were nice, but I was so tired! I think it has to do with whatever relaxer medicine they gave me because it lasted for days. I am so glad my Mom was here to play with Rome and that Josh just wanted to hold the baby. It left me with nothing to do but sleep. And I did. I could use more, but I am doing okay.
Capri is seriously such a good baby. I am sure she will find her voice,but for now she just squeaks when she is awake. She hangs out, eats and goes back to sleep. She even lets me sleep for 4 hour stretches at night. You really can't ask for more than that!
Such a huge change from Rome. And I am soo very glad for it. I needed a GOOD story to make up some for my traumatic first one. I don't think I ever really told people about it. It was bad. We'll leave it there.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Due Date...Happy Baby!

So, Saturday was my due date. I am happy to say that I didn't make it. :)
Baby Capri arrived at 3:50 on Thursday afternoon. She was 7 lbs 7 oz and 18 inches long (if I remember correctly). She was soooo much different from Rome. I will tell you all later, but it was a very good change. We are now home and all very happy. She is the easiest baby. Just wants to hang out, even when she is awake. Josh loves to just hold her. It is so cute! She is so cute too!

Happy Mommy

Happy Daddy

Not quite so happy...

Wide Awake

Ready to go home

Happy Family

What a good Big Brother!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

40 Weeks

Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater!
No, that is not how the rhyme goes. But I was accused of cheating by my own mother. I still don't care. I made it to 40 weeks and I am done! I talked my midwife into inducing me. Really, I was having problems. My back has been bothering me for the last 7 months and this week has started to go out on me. It is really painful and I have gotten stuck on the floor twice. Josh had to come rescue me because I couldn't move. Anyway, I have an appointment at the hospital early tomorrow morning. I am so excited! I get a baby tomorrow! It feels sort of surreal, but I am sure reality will kick in pretty quick right along with the drugs.
Now, I better go take a nap because I am pretty sure I won't be sleeping much tonight. How can you when you know you are going to meet your little girl in less than 24 hours?

Am I big enough yet?

No, I didn't edit out any of my beautiful stretch marks. She gave such pretty ones around my poor belly button. It is her favorite spot to kick really hard. Although, she must know that is it her last day because she has been particularly brutal kicking my ribs for the last couple hours.

Baby Tea Party

I did not need another baby shower, but I did want a party with my friends. It was getting pretty late, so I decided to do it myself. And so, I did. A Baby Tea Party. I told everyone they didn't need to bring presents, but of course they did anyway. It was so nice and so much fun! Everyone brought a treat to share and we sat around and ate and talked about babies and labor and parenting. It was exactly what I wanted. As a bonus, it totally got me through week 39 of being pregnant. Something to look forward to besides waiting....

The brownie hearts I made. I also made punch and heart shaped ice-cubes. What can I say, I like a theme.

The guests

Rome helping with presents

He had fun too running back and forth between Trish and Penny

The gifts that I didn't need, but appreciate anyway. A girl cannot have too many pink outfits or cute shoes!

Maternity Photos

I decided that if this was going to be my last baby (in my mind it is still a discussion, but Josh is done), then I was going to get pretty pictures taken. I thought I looked so good this entire pregnancy anyway. I did wait too long to do them, but still think they turned out pretty good. I found this lady that lives just around the corner and is in another ward and does beautiful pictures for lots of my friends. Her name is Kelly and her website is here. Her prices are way better than any studio and she does a great job! So, if you need pics taken and live in Grand Junction, I would totally give her a call. I had a great time and am soo glad I did it.

The funny thing about all of these is she kept telling me to look at my belly, but the angle she had me at I could hardly see it. So, really I am just pretending.

Snow and Naked Day

It has been snowing so much here. It finally warmed up enough to melt all the ice on our street, then it snowed again! Luckily Papa was here to go out and play. He showed Rome how to sled and help sweep the driveway. Rome still tells me, "Papa...snow...fun!"

Sledding with Papa

My cool hat and gloves from Alexa

*Helping* sweep snow
The other day I could not get Rome to get dressed. I took him in the shower with me (which is the only way I have been able to shower lately) and then he refused to put clothes on. I am sure he was freezing, but he was having so much fun!

First you check out the TV (and push all the buttons to help)

Riding bikes naked is the best!

Cheesing it up for the camera, turning on and off the lights (his newest talent)

Yes, he finally got dressed and insisted on wearing Daddy's hat. What a silly kid!
(Ok, he really only ran around naked for maybe an hour, but it was a very busy hour!)

A Sewing Story

This is a story of a sewing machine. It was a good and loyal sewing machine. It worked hard for my Mother in law for years. She had long since gotten a new one, but thought she could give this sturdy old one to me. I was grateful for the gift. I was sewing things on a tiny repair machine that was awful. I went right to work with my new friend. Sadly, it was not meant to be. I tried to sew a zig-zag stitch and it started to snag. Then, it no longer wanted to sew anything for me. I tried my best, but it was to no avail. I finally called the "Sewing Machine Doctor" out of the phone book. I met him at Wal-Mart and gave him my poor machine to fix and clean for $50. I thought this was a pretty good deal until I saw that I could BUY a new one for $80. Umm, why don't I? I thought about it for a week or two and called this "doctor" back about my repair job. Well, he was unavailable. I talked to his mother who told me he had gone to the hospital a couple days ago. It turns out he was diabetic and didn't know it and well, he died. Yes, DIED! I felt sorry for the lady and told her not to worry and to take her time returning my sewing machine. She said he hadn't fixed it anyway. Well, this was very interesting and Josh called his Mom to tell her the ill-fated news. The poor old sewing machine has got some bad luck. Well, she said not to run out and buy a new one because she was going to a fancy quilting convention and maybe she could get me a good deal. Okay, but I am itching to sew NOW! I finally borrowed my friend's machine and started sewing like mad. A week later my In-Laws came to visit and brought me my fancy new machine. It is so pretty and wonderful! I am still figuring it out, but it works and that makes me really happy. The moral of the story is don't mess with a machine when it has run out of luck, just be patient and get a really good deal on a new one. Oh, and be careful who you give it to.

The poor old machine

My fancy new one, isn't it pretty!


These are the crafty things I have been working on to keep me from going crazy and strangling Josh or Rome. (They didn't save Thor though.)

My Tree Skirt. I looked up how to make one online. I made my own pattern and picked out the fabrics and everything. The first pic is how it was while my sewing machine was broken. And then finished with my cute Santa on it. You can't really see but it has red swirls on the back. Oh, I just love it!

I decided my glider (that I stole from my Mom) needed to be recovered. You can't see the big hole I mended in the seat on the first pic. I measured, went to the store, found something I liked and the lady there helped me to figure out the rest. The top and seat were pretty easy, just like a shaped pillowcase. The armrests are a little funky, but they cover and it works. The only thing I was unhappy about was I tried so hard to get the pattern going the right way and it is upside-down on the top anyway. Pooh! It still looks way better though!

My Turkey Placemats. No its not all sewn together, but this is what it will look like when it is done. I think they are super cute. I was so worried about getting fabrics that matched that I made my friend Cathy come with me to help pick them out. I think they look pretty good. I am pretty sure I will be working on them for a long time, but having a sewing machine that works helps out a bunch.

I still have a tons of ideas for Rome's Busy Book, but that will just have to wait. I just don't have the time to figure out how to put it together. I am sure it will be great when I do though!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Last Week Ugh!

Yes, it is my last week of being pregnant. *Technically* Yes, I am miserable. I can't move or get comfortable and Rome still wants me to play on the floor with him. Um, sorry buddy, that is not happening. Josh is driving me crazy trying to *schedule* things. Yea, that doesn't work either. I feel like kicking him about 20 times a day. Kind of like baby girl does to me all day long. Still. My poor belly button is so sore! I also like how my ticker says my last week is 10 days long. Really? Are you against me too? I told my friend that I am going into hiding for a while, like the next 2 months. I just feel a bit anti-social. I don't want anybody else asking me when I am due and to hang in there. I know they mean well. I just don't want to hear it. I feel like I have been very patient up until now. Even with all of the back pain and sickness and heartburn and not sleeping and everything else. I am trying to wait nicely until Saturday when my midwife says I am due. (I think it should be on Wed. and so does the hospital, but that is okay) After that, I can't promise anything. I already told her that I am not going to wait another week to see if I go on my own. That stunk last time so lets just help me out here. Okay? Okay. Baby girl should cooperate now and be nice. Anytime...

Monday, February 1, 2010

New Bed

Somehow I forgot to post about Rome's new bed. Josh said something about taking the side off of his crib and the very next day Rome kept wanting in and out of it. So, I took it off. It was kind of spur of the moment, but he loved it! He was so happy to play in his new bed. Then, he slept in it just fine; the first day. After that it was a little tough. He can get up whenever and come out to play. Especially in the middle of the night. He just comes right in our room and wakes us up. Well, me mostly. Josh has been really nice though and getting up with him when it is just a little early like 6:30 or 7. Then, I can sleep in until 8 or so. It makes up for getting up to put him back to bed a couple times. We are still working on him staying in bed, but I think it was time for it. I just hope he lets me sleep with the new baby.

Look at me!

So fun I even pretend to go to sleep and say, "night."

He insisted that Thor come a cuddle with him. It lasted about 2 seconds.