Wednesday, February 10, 2010

40 Weeks

Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater!
No, that is not how the rhyme goes. But I was accused of cheating by my own mother. I still don't care. I made it to 40 weeks and I am done! I talked my midwife into inducing me. Really, I was having problems. My back has been bothering me for the last 7 months and this week has started to go out on me. It is really painful and I have gotten stuck on the floor twice. Josh had to come rescue me because I couldn't move. Anyway, I have an appointment at the hospital early tomorrow morning. I am so excited! I get a baby tomorrow! It feels sort of surreal, but I am sure reality will kick in pretty quick right along with the drugs.
Now, I better go take a nap because I am pretty sure I won't be sleeping much tonight. How can you when you know you are going to meet your little girl in less than 24 hours?

Am I big enough yet?

No, I didn't edit out any of my beautiful stretch marks. She gave such pretty ones around my poor belly button. It is her favorite spot to kick really hard. Although, she must know that is it her last day because she has been particularly brutal kicking my ribs for the last couple hours.


Jana said...

YAY!!!! It is TOTALLY not cheating; you are so done! You've definitely done your time. And the back pain...I would have demanded an induction 2 weeks ago!
And I feel your kicking pain. Blake's favorite spot was my ribs on one side...OW!!!
I'm so excited you get to have baby girl tomorrrrrowwww!!!!!

Lacey said...

well hopefully you won't have contractions all night like I did before my induction...that will really keep you awake! Happy Pushing!

Brean said...

Ouchie! Your belly button looks sore! I know that feeling! After today it will just be a distant memory! Good luck! Your in my prayers!