Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Due Date...Happy Baby!

So, Saturday was my due date. I am happy to say that I didn't make it. :)
Baby Capri arrived at 3:50 on Thursday afternoon. She was 7 lbs 7 oz and 18 inches long (if I remember correctly). She was soooo much different from Rome. I will tell you all later, but it was a very good change. We are now home and all very happy. She is the easiest baby. Just wants to hang out, even when she is awake. Josh loves to just hold her. It is so cute! She is so cute too!

Happy Mommy

Happy Daddy

Not quite so happy...

Wide Awake

Ready to go home

Happy Family

What a good Big Brother!


Nicole said...

congratulations!! She is a cutie!

Jana said...

So cute! Congratulations! And again, I LOVE her name!! Ah, I'm so happy for you!

Alicia said...

Congratulations Jocie! I hope your transition goes smoothly, and you recover fast. She looks adorable.

Brean said...

Awesome! I am so glad it was easier this time! She is perfect! What a adorable family!

Chad, Mindy and girls said...

Congratulations on your sweet baby girl! She is just beautiful!! Hope you're adjusting to life at home well :)