Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thor's Last Day

Yes, It is true. We gave away Thor. I don't know quite how I feel about it.
I have been very frustrated with him. He pees on things. He gets on the table. He takes food from the baby. He takes food out of the baby's mouth! He barks at the dark. He is not good at playing. He follows me around all day long. He jumps on me a LOT. There are more.
Well, one day I came home from running errands and he had gotten onto my craft table. He got down the painted puzzle pieces and chewed them up. Out of the bag, all over the floor. I WAS SO ANGRY. I yelled. I held him down. I put him outside. I cleaned up the mess. I was still angry. After that I told Josh I was ready to give him away. I just cannot deal with his antics and a toddler and a new baby. I am sorry poor puppy Thor. I don't want to start teaching Rome to yell at the dog and hold him down when he is bad. I don't want him to see me so angry at Thor all the time. Josh agreed. I put an ad online and told a couple of my friends. Well, one of them had some relative (sister-in-law's mother-in-law or something) that was looking for a little dog to rescue to keep her company because she is sick and has to stay home. Perfect. I talked to her and it sounded great. It took a week or two, but they came and picked him up and drove him up to Ogden to his new home. I hear he is doing great and she was soo very excited to have him. I am glad for him. He is a good dog and needed more attention than I could give him. I hear she bought him outfits and even got a dog sitter so they could go out for the night. Yes, we laughed at that. He is definitely being spoiled, but good for him. Hopefully he will be a good dog for her. I can't say I miss him. The house is a lot quieter without him. Zeus sleeps on the couch all day. I don't get mauled trying to feed him. Rome can eat his snacks in peace. So, no I don't miss him. I just feel bad that I couldn't handle him anymore. I gave away my little puppy-baby. Rome loved chasing him around the house. (I don't know that he liked it) Rome has only asked about him a couple of times since he has been gone. That makes me sad. I hoped they would be good friends. But it was for the best. I hope you had a nice last day Thor!



My puppy


Couch time

Monday, January 25, 2010

Shopping Day

Last Friday I had a doctors appointment and then I went shopping. Josh rearranged his work so he could stay home and watch Rome. Thanks Honey! I had such a good day! Well, except that my phone was dead and Josh kept calling to see where I was at. He just doesn't understand shopping at all. First, I went to JoAnn's to look for fabric, but only found a placemat for Rome with farm animals on it. I forgot to use my 50% coupon, but oh well.

Then I went to Gymboree and found some great deals for $4 and $5. 2 dresses, one shirt, 3 pairs of pants and one pair of tights. I used my GymBuck to get $50 worth for half off! With tax it was $29, but still pretty good.

Next I went to Target. I always check their clearance, but lately it hasn't been very good. Well, today was THE day! I got a 2T dress for $5, 3T dress shirt/sweater/pants set for $5, jeans for $3 (2T, 3T, and 4T), another pair of pants for Rome and some leggings and t0shirt for baby girl. I also got a set of girl crib sheets on sale and Balmex for $4 each (which was the real reason I went there and it was cheaper than the grocery store that stopped carrying it). Score!

Last, I stopped at Khol's. I wasn't going to, but I figured I should since I hardly ever get to shop by myself. I had 2 little outfits to return and got $18.30 in store credit and I had a 15% off shopping pass. I found some great shirts and pants for $1 to $3 each. The best part was that with my shopping pass the total came out to $18.30. No kidding!

My returns bag, Finally empty! What a good day and it only took me 3 hours!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Off to Bed...Haha!

Insomnia is my new trick. It sneaks up on me even when I am really tired. Like today. At least I got a nap for 2 hours this afternoon. That should keep me going through 3 hours of church during lunchtime. I just need to stop thinking about baby things and being uncomfortable and how Huge I am getting.
A list maybe, of things I should not keep thinking of every day and night.
baby girl, baby names, baby clothes, moving furniture, washing baby clothes that I don't have, do I really need more baby clothes? will my friends notice that I didn't have a shower, do I really care? yes that makes me cry, labor ugh, will she be nice and come early or do I really have to wait 4 more wEeKs, Getting baby stuff out of the garage, tackling the garage, bugging Josh to tackle the garage, then bugging him to put it back the Right way, finally throwing away the boxes from Christmas, how do we keep missing garbage day? Rome not sleeping, me not sleeping, I wish I were sleeping, sewing, sewing projects, keep looking up more sewing projects, doesn't do me any good if my machine isn't working, going to borrow my friends machine, going crazy with boredom and still have TONS to do, finish tree skirt, Turkey placemats, busy book for Rome, car seat cover, cover mom's old glider, more and more, I really am just torturing myself, should work on baby announcements, what kind of paper, what colors, what to put on it, baby names? other errands to run too, shouldn't leave the house too often it makes me tired, have more baby clothes to return and exchange, maybe I should make cookies, I just made cookies, sick of movies on the couch every night, tired of reading books that I haven't finished, what else is there to do again, yup these last weeks just drag on and on, now if only I could get to sleep...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Gross Out

I went to an activity last night. A lady there gave me a hug to say Hi. I thought, "Wow, she smells good, she must have just gotten her hair done." It wasn't until I got home that I realized she HAD gotten her hair done and cut. I looked in the mirror and noticed a whole bunch of cut hair on my cheek. Oh, gross! I hate cut hair! And it had been there the whole night. Eww! I guess not everybody has this phobia and goes home as soon as possible to shower all the cut hair away. I even try not to sit back on my seat too much to keep the hair off. So, thanks for being friendly, but next time not so close.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rome's Favorites

Rome got some great Christmas presents, but He liked the ones from Great-Grandma Thomas the best. (yes, it was a gift card so I got to choose, but still)

I have been wanting to get him this Fridge Farm for a while. I found it at Target for $10! He loves it and carries it from the fridge to the couch and back. Josh was sick of it the first day. He is dancing to the music in the second picture.

Thor got too close when Rome was playing with the magnets.

I found this car that you shake and then it goes. Rome loved it in the store and then it scared him when we got it home. Now, he shakes it sometimes and others he just gives it to you to shake and then goes and gets it. Funny kid.

Rome was wearing his sister's mary jane crocs (they are a size 8) around the house so we decided to get him some. He loves to put them on himself. It was so funny at the mall, he kept pulling them down and trying them on. I had to convince him we were only taking home the red ones.

Steals and Deals

Josh's Mom calls a good deal a Ganga. These are the ones I have found lately.
I had some baby clothes to return to Khol's so I got a gift card and they were having a sale AND I had a $5 coupon. So, I got all three dresses for $2.05. I was pretty happy about it. Even though I was there for 1 1/2 hours the week of Christmas and it was crazy and snowing when I left. No, I don't know why I had to do it right then, I just did.

I went to Ross for something and forgot what when I got there. So, I went to Old Navy (which is right next door) and got these all for $.97 each. There is one maternity shirt, one 4th of July shirt, 2 t-shirts for Rome now, Halloween shirts for this year and next and 2 t-shirts for Baby Girl. All for $9.37. That is one good Ganga.

I also got some great summer clothes from Gymboree for way cheap, but I didn't take a picture. I did get a Gymbuck to go back and get more stuff 50% off. I will have to see if they have anything reasonable to use it on. Everything is so cute, but sooo expensive!

32 and 36

I missed my 32 Week post. So, here it is. I thought I was pretty small.

Well, she has grown and totally made up for it. I am huge and I feel like it.

Thankfully my back pain has gotten better. I am not sleeping very well but I am just uncomfortable. I am trying to get out and walk more. Hopefully that will help her to show up sooner. Or, I can just hope.

This is Rome giving the Baby hugs. So cute!
He also shows us his 'baby' to tickle.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


We had such a nice holiday week. Josh didn't have to work very much and we just stayed home. It was very calm and non-stressful. After the crazy Thanksgiving we had, I really enjoyed it. Especially while having many fake (read ouch!) contractions. I tried my hand at gingerbread cookies for Santa. They were really hard to make! It snowed a couple of times. We played and took lots of naps. Josh's parents come to visit for New Years and we had a second Christmas with them. They watched Rome so we could have a day out. We ate sandwiches and saw Avatar. It was really good! It was so nice of them and probably the last time we will get to go out just the two of us for a long while. Then we had our traditional seafood dinner for New Year's Eve. We were poopers and all went to bed early. So, glad we get the New York feed and can watch the ball drop at 10pm! Then (like we needed more) Dan, Clare and Abi stopped by for our Third Christmas. It was nice to see them and play and visit for a little bit. Who knew that staying home we would three Christmases?

My early Present, Isn't it pretty!

Rome's cool Bomber jacket and camo hat; What do you do after church? We wear snow boots, a hat and play with pots and pans. Sounds fun right.

Santa Cookies, Rome showing me his "tanta"

Christmas Eve

Look Santa came!

Rome "helping" with the snow

Our New Year's Eve Feast, Mmm, Lobster tails!

Ringing in the New Year (at 7:30 pm)

Third Christmas with Dan, Clare and Abi