Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rome's Favorites

Rome got some great Christmas presents, but He liked the ones from Great-Grandma Thomas the best. (yes, it was a gift card so I got to choose, but still)

I have been wanting to get him this Fridge Farm for a while. I found it at Target for $10! He loves it and carries it from the fridge to the couch and back. Josh was sick of it the first day. He is dancing to the music in the second picture.

Thor got too close when Rome was playing with the magnets.

I found this car that you shake and then it goes. Rome loved it in the store and then it scared him when we got it home. Now, he shakes it sometimes and others he just gives it to you to shake and then goes and gets it. Funny kid.

Rome was wearing his sister's mary jane crocs (they are a size 8) around the house so we decided to get him some. He loves to put them on himself. It was so funny at the mall, he kept pulling them down and trying them on. I had to convince him we were only taking home the red ones.


Lacey said...

omg he looks so big! I love those fridge things!

Brean said...

Noah has that frig toy too! How are you feeling?