Saturday, January 2, 2010


We had such a nice holiday week. Josh didn't have to work very much and we just stayed home. It was very calm and non-stressful. After the crazy Thanksgiving we had, I really enjoyed it. Especially while having many fake (read ouch!) contractions. I tried my hand at gingerbread cookies for Santa. They were really hard to make! It snowed a couple of times. We played and took lots of naps. Josh's parents come to visit for New Years and we had a second Christmas with them. They watched Rome so we could have a day out. We ate sandwiches and saw Avatar. It was really good! It was so nice of them and probably the last time we will get to go out just the two of us for a long while. Then we had our traditional seafood dinner for New Year's Eve. We were poopers and all went to bed early. So, glad we get the New York feed and can watch the ball drop at 10pm! Then (like we needed more) Dan, Clare and Abi stopped by for our Third Christmas. It was nice to see them and play and visit for a little bit. Who knew that staying home we would three Christmases?

My early Present, Isn't it pretty!

Rome's cool Bomber jacket and camo hat; What do you do after church? We wear snow boots, a hat and play with pots and pans. Sounds fun right.

Santa Cookies, Rome showing me his "tanta"

Christmas Eve

Look Santa came!

Rome "helping" with the snow

Our New Year's Eve Feast, Mmm, Lobster tails!

Ringing in the New Year (at 7:30 pm)

Third Christmas with Dan, Clare and Abi

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Brean said...

Jocie I am so glad you guys had a good Christmas! Rome and his little cousin are sooo cute! I am so excited that you are going to have a darling little girl! Love ya lots! Brean!