Sunday, January 17, 2010

Off to Bed...Haha!

Insomnia is my new trick. It sneaks up on me even when I am really tired. Like today. At least I got a nap for 2 hours this afternoon. That should keep me going through 3 hours of church during lunchtime. I just need to stop thinking about baby things and being uncomfortable and how Huge I am getting.
A list maybe, of things I should not keep thinking of every day and night.
baby girl, baby names, baby clothes, moving furniture, washing baby clothes that I don't have, do I really need more baby clothes? will my friends notice that I didn't have a shower, do I really care? yes that makes me cry, labor ugh, will she be nice and come early or do I really have to wait 4 more wEeKs, Getting baby stuff out of the garage, tackling the garage, bugging Josh to tackle the garage, then bugging him to put it back the Right way, finally throwing away the boxes from Christmas, how do we keep missing garbage day? Rome not sleeping, me not sleeping, I wish I were sleeping, sewing, sewing projects, keep looking up more sewing projects, doesn't do me any good if my machine isn't working, going to borrow my friends machine, going crazy with boredom and still have TONS to do, finish tree skirt, Turkey placemats, busy book for Rome, car seat cover, cover mom's old glider, more and more, I really am just torturing myself, should work on baby announcements, what kind of paper, what colors, what to put on it, baby names? other errands to run too, shouldn't leave the house too often it makes me tired, have more baby clothes to return and exchange, maybe I should make cookies, I just made cookies, sick of movies on the couch every night, tired of reading books that I haven't finished, what else is there to do again, yup these last weeks just drag on and on, now if only I could get to sleep...


Autumn said...

Sounds like your brain is full. I regularly feel like that. Do you sometimes sit in a stupor because you have so many things your doing you don't know what to do right then? Um yeah, I do that. Especially when I'm REALLY tired.

Simplify :)

Alicia said...

I had really bad insomnia when I was pregnant with my third. I finally called the doctor and they recommended 1/4 to 1/2 a unisom. I would have never taken it with my first two because I was to paranoid, but was willing to do anything to get some sleep when I was pregnant with my third. It's a sleep aide, but is also given to pregnant women who have really bad vomiting. It's over the counter. Just an idea in case you get desperate.