Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thor's Last Day

Yes, It is true. We gave away Thor. I don't know quite how I feel about it.
I have been very frustrated with him. He pees on things. He gets on the table. He takes food from the baby. He takes food out of the baby's mouth! He barks at the dark. He is not good at playing. He follows me around all day long. He jumps on me a LOT. There are more.
Well, one day I came home from running errands and he had gotten onto my craft table. He got down the painted puzzle pieces and chewed them up. Out of the bag, all over the floor. I WAS SO ANGRY. I yelled. I held him down. I put him outside. I cleaned up the mess. I was still angry. After that I told Josh I was ready to give him away. I just cannot deal with his antics and a toddler and a new baby. I am sorry poor puppy Thor. I don't want to start teaching Rome to yell at the dog and hold him down when he is bad. I don't want him to see me so angry at Thor all the time. Josh agreed. I put an ad online and told a couple of my friends. Well, one of them had some relative (sister-in-law's mother-in-law or something) that was looking for a little dog to rescue to keep her company because she is sick and has to stay home. Perfect. I talked to her and it sounded great. It took a week or two, but they came and picked him up and drove him up to Ogden to his new home. I hear he is doing great and she was soo very excited to have him. I am glad for him. He is a good dog and needed more attention than I could give him. I hear she bought him outfits and even got a dog sitter so they could go out for the night. Yes, we laughed at that. He is definitely being spoiled, but good for him. Hopefully he will be a good dog for her. I can't say I miss him. The house is a lot quieter without him. Zeus sleeps on the couch all day. I don't get mauled trying to feed him. Rome can eat his snacks in peace. So, no I don't miss him. I just feel bad that I couldn't handle him anymore. I gave away my little puppy-baby. Rome loved chasing him around the house. (I don't know that he liked it) Rome has only asked about him a couple of times since he has been gone. That makes me sad. I hoped they would be good friends. But it was for the best. I hope you had a nice last day Thor!



My puppy


Couch time


Lynds said...

So it is real. I wasn't sure... well, it sounds like it's now a better situation for your fam. and for Thor. You've saved your sanity, and Thor will get all the attention he needs (and he needs A LOT). Still, it must be hard. I hear baby girl is almost ready to make her presence in the world. Best of luck and can't wait to hear the news... :-). Thinking about you guys.

Jana said...

Sounds like it was a good choice, especially since you don't especially miss him. That's a good sign, right? Good job putting your kids first. That can be hard with pets sometimes, I hear. Sorry you had to make the choice, though!!