Thursday, May 20, 2010

Foot, Hand and Mouth

A story of sickness.
A couple weeks ago Rome got sick. He was coughing and had a runny nose and stopped sleeping. No fun. So, I took him to the doctor and they said he had a cold and an ear infection. They gave him amoxicillan (sp?) and then Benadryll. Great. He started feeling better and sleeping. Yay!
Then, we went to Tucson. We went out every day. He hardly napped and went to bed waaaay late every night. The poor kid was a bit cranky and whiny. We walked around a lot and he refused to drink anything. I thought he was just tired. In fact the day before we went home was his Birthday party and he went down for a nap at 2pm...and never got up. He slept all night. He hardly MOVED. So, yea, just tired. Well, we got home and he started coughing again. I thought maybe the medicine didn't work and his awful cold was back. It doesn't work on me. So, I took him back to the doctor and they looked at his throat and it looked terrible. They thought he had tonsilitis and gave me a different antibiotic for it. I ran to the store to get it and started it right away. Then he got a rash. Just a little one on his arms. I thought maybe it was a little eczema. Mine has been unhappy from swimming in the pool all week. But, his got worse. I checked him after we went to the park and his rash looked terrible. His feet had blisters and it had spread up his legs and on his arms and hands. It was even going up his tummy and back. Yikes! I called his doctor and told them I thought it was an allergic reaction the medicine. They said to stop the medicine and give him Benadryll. I got him up from his non-nap (he cried in his crib for an hour) and the rash was on his face. I had a minor meltdown and rushed him and baby Capri to the store to get some Benadryll quick! Then, on the drive home, I realized that I already had some and it was on the kitchen counter. Oops. Oh well, now I have more. Well, the Benadryll wasn't doing anything about the rash. I called his doctor again this morning and they said to bring him in. (3rd visit in 2 weeks, yuck!) We rushed back to the doctor's office and they finally figured out what he has. Hand, foot and mouth disease. A virus. It is contagious and last 7-10 days and there is not much to do about it. Ugh. That is why he doesn't want to drink anything. He has blisters in his mouth. Poor kid! I guess we are staying home for awhile. Now to throw out my resolve to not watch TV all day long. Maybe I will try again in 10 days.

Update: Yea, I got it too. Blisters in my mouth and throat. Ouch! Dang sharing with a 2 year old! I am now starting to tune out CARS. Good because we have another week stuck at home.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Baby Model

This is a comparison of a good photographer and, well, me.
I was trying to get some good pictures of Capri to put in her baby announcements. It didn't turn out well. Jana takes beautiful pictures and did a much better job. Check it out.

Gang Signs and Ummm...

What are you doing to me!?

Angry Feet


Holding Hands

Happy Feet

Modeling the cute bracelet from Clare. (I got a matching one too! and yes we wore it the same day)


I bought these matching outfits for Easter. Of course it was waay too cold to wear them. Oh, and we didn't even have church to wear them to. Oh well. They are pretty cute anyway.

Favorite Pose


You want me to what?

Um, no pictures today...

Rome Fun

Just some things that Rome has been up to. He can really have some fun!

Smelling the flowers, Cheesing for the camera

Dress up from the cupboard, Sticker boy

My first skinned knee

Yogurt boy

Look I can use a spoon!

Playing outside with my Sister

Playing Ball with Daddy

Holding my Sister


After my crazy week in SLC, I did finally make it to Las Vegas to see all of my old roommates. It was a quick day and a half, but worth it to see these girls again. I never really had a close group in high school and these girls were my family away at college. I miss seeing them all the time and am so glad we can do this every couple years!

Jana's kids, Jana, Adri, and Misty

Autumn and Capri in the bouncer

We mostly just hung out, chatted and Jana took pictures, but we did go out to eat once. It was so much fun and I sure love these girls!

Bathtub Fun

Rome got this cool boat and bath crayons for giving up his binkies. Really, Grandpa forgot his binky when he put him to bed and then they never came back. It was actually really easy. I was sooo worried for nothing! He still asks for it sometimes when he is upset, but he doesn't even try to steal the baby's binky. Anyway, this was the first time he colored all by himself. I am so proud!

What a cutie

Bubble bum

floating crayons (and you notice the boat that does NOT float)

Bathtub masterpiece

Baby Smiles

Everybody needs to see some cute baby smiles!

2 Months old, what a pose!

sure Mom

Big smiles!

Easter '10

We had planned on going up to PC and spending Easter with my family, but Josh had to work. So, I took the kids and went up by myself. It was really nice to be able to see my Grandma one last time and to have a nice, laid back Easter Sunday with my family.

The Easter Bunny at the egg hunt in Fruita that me missed. It lasted less than 5 minutes.

The Easter egg hunt at Grandma Johnson's care center. (See the eggs behind Rome in the picture? Yea, that's all he got)

Look I found some!

Rome was way into dying eggs. Eventually we gave him a glass of water to 'dye' all of his eggs.

Capri is not a fan of the bunny ears.
I didn't get many pictures, but I have a video of Rome finding eggs. It is so funny because he misses tons of them and keeps forgetting what he is doing to play with cars. What a boy!

March Updates

These are just some random pictures from March. I have way more, but they are still on my camera. Maybe I will get to them sometime.

My little Pink Smurf


With Grandma Perotti

At the Dinosaur Museum with Papa


Rome's version of Fill The Bus

Yup, its full