Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wait Weight

I have been trying to lose weight. I know it takes time. I got a gym membership. I paid an arm-n-leg for my Mom's trainer. He is wonderful. I lost some, but I am stuck. I am so close to my goal of 155, my pre-pregnancy weight. After I workout my scale says 156 and sometimes (if I am lucky that day) 155.6, but usually 158. Ugh. Blech!
Its not that I mind the diet. I like most of the stuff I am eating and I am not hungry or starving all the time. I just miss all of the "other" foods that I am not supposed to eat. Like...oh...cookies, cake, ice cream. I don't want to eat them all the time. I am just so frustrated at NOT losing those last few pounds. (Or more like I had planned) Yes, yes. It is just a number on a scale and it shouldn't matter that much. I feel like the flab on my arms, thighs and belly matter more. I have lost so much, so how come I see it mostly in my Boobs? Yup, waay smaller. Now, that is just not fair. I can fit into my old jeans, which is nice. But I yearn for my pre-pregnancy shape. You know that curvy hour-glass one that looks killer in a knit dress. The one where I didn't so much *like* my muscular legs, but still felt good enough to wear a bikini. Yea, thats the one I want back. I have lost weight, but that body is sooo not here.
So, I am giving up on this whole diet/ lose weight thing. I am still going to work out and eat healthy. But mostly I think I will just buy a new swim suit. (and bra, grrr...)

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Nope, I don't have any "new" ambition to blog better. Wish I did.
We do have lots of new things though.
New Ways to Sleep
New Messes to make
New Hobbies (ugh, I am reading here)
New Games (push the scooter and he's a Pirate ??)
New Toys (to fear)
New Experiments (protein muffins explode, now you know)
New Style Choices

New Hair Bows from Texas (Zebra one made by Adri)
New Flowers (I love them! So Pretty)
New Dresses (for Easter and Nemo Jumper Redo)
New Jacket (from New fav. store, Crazy 8)
New Finished Projects (yes those are my pajama pants from Christmas and the projects for Rome's Super Birthday)
New Inspiration (there was a black and white one that was to die for) For This

New Cuteness.... to Live in

This New House!

(Can't wait for THIS Newness!)