Sunday, May 2, 2010

Baby Model

This is a comparison of a good photographer and, well, me.
I was trying to get some good pictures of Capri to put in her baby announcements. It didn't turn out well. Jana takes beautiful pictures and did a much better job. Check it out.

Gang Signs and Ummm...

What are you doing to me!?

Angry Feet


Holding Hands

Happy Feet

Modeling the cute bracelet from Clare. (I got a matching one too! and yes we wore it the same day)


Brean said...

She is absolutely beautiful! What a sweetheart! Is she sleeping better now? I hope you are doing well! Love Brean!

Jana said...

LOL thanks Jo! She was so good for the pictures!

Lacey said...

ha ha...Jo you crack me up...too cute