Saturday, December 12, 2009


Snow, Snow and more Snow! Rome thought it was pretty cool. We think it just plain cold. It has been below freezing and negative numbers here for over a week! Brrr! But it was fun to get out and play in it... at least for a little while. Then, it is time for dry clothes, naps and hot chocolate for Mommy!

All ready to play in the snow!

Helping Daddy shovel or just getting stuck

Wow, it is really deep! I don't think we have ever gotten this much snow here.

But it sure is fun!


Lynds said...

HA! Is that a turkey gobble-gobble hat? I saw lots of different kid hats at the street fair and thought about Rome! He LOVES hats. There were monkeys, dogs, cats, and on and on :-)

Jocie said...

Actually its his dinosaur hat from his costume last year. I bought it extra big so he could wear it again.