Sunday, September 26, 2010

August is Gone

I feel like I missed it because it went by so fast. There was Chase's wedding and then the month was over! Capri was super busy and Rome and I were just trying to keep up.

Capri loves playing on Brother's bed and decided she can sit up all by herself!

And she can pull up on her toys or the coffee table.

Oh, and stand in her crib. Scary, but she is sooo happy about it!

She can also crawl across the whole house. Check it out. She is under the table and she started out to the left of the TV stand.

Rome tried to fit in by eating a bath crayon. Yup. I asked him where it went and he said he ate it. And he did. I had to scrub it out of his teeth. Gross.

Eating purple yogurt with his hands. Yum.

He did cute things too, like trying out Daddy's new shoes.

And putting Corduroy in the baby carrier. His idea. He can be sweet sometimes.
On to next month. I'll never catch up... I just try to hang on.

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Autumn said...

Love that Rome put the teddy in the carrier! How sweet!

PS Thanks for the birthday card, made my day :) And I'm going to spend all the money on babysitting haha. Um, I don't know why I put haha right there, I'm NOT joking! All my birthday money went towards babysitting :)