Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Waiting Game

So, I wanted to do an update of what we have been doing while we wait, and wait and wait.
1. We got a new car.

The "Eddie" for Eddie Bauer Expedition. I know I didn't want a huge car, but it was Such a good deal we just had to get it. Now I just have to figure out how to keep groceries and anything else I put in the back from rolling around. It is super nice to drive and suprisingly easy to get into, even being... pregnant. (...Josh says I should not say Fat anymore, I am just pregnant)

2. We sold our Scion. Josh was very sad and I was kind of too. It was such a fun and zippy little car. It did not do snow however and we do get that here in Colorado.
I think we got over it when we put the baby seat in the Eddie. Bye bye Scion!

This is the nice kid we sold it to. (sorry buddy, you are now on the internet)

3. My mom wanted a picture so here is my 38 week portrait... and the other pics that Josh took to make sure you know how big I really am.

4. Other than that we have been going to the movies, watching movies on TV (free Starz weekend helped), fishing, reading, scrapbooking and playing on the computer. While I love getting caught up on reading and scrapbooking 2004 and 2006, I am ready to see this little guy!
I saw my midwife today and just as I thought, nothing is happening. She predicts a Mother's Day baby. I do not think that is very nice. That is a week past my due date! My mom says to plan for a week late and then be surprised if they come early. I keep telling him he is coming May 2nd. So, one more week baby!


Misty said...

JO- Hey mama. I can't wait to meet this little guy. I sure hope you can celebrate Mother's Day with him at home!

Autumn said...

Awesome update! You look so cute pregnant! I totally want to come visit after the baby comes and I was telling Jeff of my plans and he said "You should ask her if that's what she wants". What!?! Who wouldn't want me to come visit :) You do want me to come visit right?

Jocie said...

Autumn, I would love to have you come visit! Just let me know when you want to come out cuz we have a couple of things planned. Josh has lots of friends coming to visit too so I am trying to get him to put them on the calendar.

Misty said...

JO- any news? I'm dying to see pics of this baby boy!

Jana said...

Hey Jo, happy due date!! Thanks for your comment...sharing baby clothes would be brilliant! I like the zoo animals idea too! :)

Amber said...

As for the stuff rolling around in the back, I've turned to these:

Have fun with the new car!

And update us all on that baby!