Friday, November 20, 2009

Blankie Baby

Rome has been dragging his chosen blankie around everywhere lately. I don't mind so much except it is huge and has been cleaning my floors. Gross! So, I decided to make him a smaller version. I don't think he will mind because it once got left at Grandma's house for 2 weeks and he didn't care. He just likes the ties on it. So, I went to the fabric store and found some fabric that was similar. White with baby and animal print and blue for the back. I got 1/2 a yard and it was perfect to make 2 stroller (or draggable) size blankets. I actually did the whole thing in a little over an hour for one blanket. Pinned, sewed, turned, tied, finished. I don't really know how to finish a blanket so I just turned it under and top stitched it twice on the end. I think they turned out so cute! I washed them so the ties are frayed already, but Rome doesn't care. I had to hide his big blankie because he wanted to tote both of them around. Also, I have a cousin who is having a baby boy, so I can give her the other little blankie. Perfect!

The first one for Rome

The second one, I did the ties different and I think it looks better.

With Daddy and blankie eating breakfast
I think he likes it.

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