Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Halloween Happenings

Ok, so I am getting behind. Here is what we did for Halloween.
Three weeks ago we went up to SLC and got to see our friend Angela. She invited us to a party she was going to. It was pretty fun and probably the craziest party I have ever been to. Don't worry, It was still pretty tame.

Our Costumes. Josh and I fit in because it was a pirate party!
The next weekend was Halloween. We went up to SLC again.

The boys sleeping through their movie. I totally did not take this while driving. That would be unsafe and you can't prove it.
We got to go to a Basketball game with Cory and Angela.

We were so close and it was so much fun! I did find out that those stadium stairs are steep. I had to go slow and was a bit out of breath at the top. I am feeling a bit pregnant now.
The next night Josh went to the Utah Football game and I took Rome to a party with Lacey.

A Pirate and her parrot. On our way to the party. Rome kept pulling off the hat and then trying to put it back on. He was such a cute parrot! (Thanks to Valarie for letting him borrow your cute costume!) The party was so fun. Rome played with the other kids. We ate great food, played Halloween games and then went Trick-or-Treating. It was quite the experience. The other kids were a bit older and kind of ran Rome over. I picked him up and ran into a sticker bush. So the entire back of my skirt was covered with pokey burrs. Ouch! Rome was tired and had a fit when we stopped walking with the other kids to fix my skirt. So, we went back to the car. I changed into some jeans (so glad I thought to bring them!) and Rome into his Jammies (thanks Grandma for telling me to take them). Rome crawled into his car seat, grabbed his snacks and pointed to the movie. He was done! It was really fun though! I even got to eat an Eyeball cake on a fork! So Gross and Yummy! Thanks for inviting us Lace! I will have to get the other cute pics from her later.

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Richards Family said...

Rome looked so cute as a parrot. I'm glad the costume could be used more than once.