Thursday, October 29, 2009

Belly Up

Here are some comparisons of my beautiful 6 month belly.
This is the difference a day makes:
Morning Night
Yea, it totally gets bigger by the end of the day. Maybe that is why I only feel fat and tired at night. Lately, I pick up toys in the morning. It is just so much easier!
Baby Rome Baby Girl
I think I am smaller. Those are the same pants and both taken in the afternoon, just btw. It probably helps that she doesn't like when I eat chocolate. I still do though, just in very small doses. I hope she gets over that.

Just a Beautiful Belly pic for you. Really, how many times in your life can you revel in feeling fat? Huh? Okay, its baby fat. But seriously, not many, and I just love it!


Autumn said...

That is so cute! You must be way "in tune" with your belly to know it grows in one day!! You're such a cute mommy :)

Jana said...

That is one of the great things about being pregnant...big belly pride!!