Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Movie Please

Rome requested his first movie today. We always put them on in the car when we are driving for a couple hours. He doesn't always watch them, but he likes them. Well, today he found a CD case. He was looking through it and then wanted to go somewhere. He led me to the garage and I asked if he wanted to go in the car. He said yes. Then, I figured it out. He wanted to put the CD's into the car (which is where he sees the DVD player) so he could watch a movie. I guess he saw me changing the movies in the car DVD player and put it together that that is what those round shiny things are for. I asked if he wanted to watch a movie and he said yes. So I put one on the TV. It took a minute for him to figure out that he could sit on the couch and watch it. He still wanted to go sit in the car. So, we sat on the couch with his blankie and a snack (of course) to watch Chickens. What a smart kid!
I think it was good he just wanted to watch a movie because it is raining today and it is really hard to explain to him that he can't go play outside because it is wet. What is the big deal? Water is cool so lets go play. Um, no.

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