Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Time for MURDER!

Yes, Murder! We didn't want to have a huge Halloween party like last year, so I decided we should have a Murder Mystery Dinner Party. It turned out great and was so much fun! We had the perfect amount of people, food, games and mystery!

Bloody Goblets, Skull Cupcakes and Creepy Chocolates

The Pirates and The Gangster/ Flapper

Hometown Couple and Soldier, Surgeon, and Colts Fan

Outlaw, Crazy Postal Worker and G.I. Jane

The whole crew and the only good party pic

Moldy Bone Breadsticks, Baked Worms Spaghetti, Mummy Dogs and Eyeball Eggs. Such Yummy Creepy Food! It took a little longer than I expected and we didn't even play the last game. Josh took awful pictures of the party, but I didn't take any so I can't complain. I am so glad everyone could come. It was such a fun night!


Jana said...

Joc, you are so FESTIVE and CREATIVE!! I'm way impressed. Did you play that murder mystery game where people are assigned a character and there are clues and stuff? I can't remember what it's called, haha...but I've always thought that would be super fun!

Lynds said...

FUN pics!!!!!!