Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sweet Moments

Rome has been kinda sick lately. Not really sick. He had a teeny tiny fever yesterday and he has a little cough. But really, not sick. He does think he is sick however. He needs his binky and his blankie all day long. Oh, and his Mommy. Yesterday I literally spent most of the day laying around with a blankie, a binky and a baby. I was supposed to clean. Yea, that didn't happen. I put Rome down at 6:30 pm and he slept all night. Well, he woke up at 4 am for a cuddle and then went back to sleep until 8 am. Pretty good, I think.
Anyway, I hoped that today would be better. I really need to clean. We have a party on Saturday. Except, Rome woke up like this.

Poor baby! I have no idea what happened to his eye, but it obviously hurts. He still doesn't feel very good, but at least he ate some breakfast and some lunch. He also, took a very good nap. I took him in his room and he pointed to his bed and he leayed down and went to sleep. Oh, thank you little boy! I really needed to get stuff done!
Now, here comes the sweet part. I spent the whole morning and after lunch on the couch. Pillow, blankie, binky, baby, water and snack cup. Little sister was not very happy about this. So, with Rome laying on my shoulder and the sippy cup in my lap, she was kicking with all her might. I wished I could have gotten the video camera because I was giggling watching the cup just bump and wiggle. I couldn't help but think how wonderfully sweet it was. Three cuddled up on the couch to watch Tigger and Pooh and Charlie and Lola. Rome actually watched them too. He kept pointing to the TV. I put his hand on my tummy, but he didn't care. He just wanted to hold my hand. It has been a tough week. I still have no idea why Rome is sick, but I need to remember the sweet parts too.


Autumn said...

That looks like Davis' "broken eye" LOL. Get well soon Rome!

Alicia said...

Could he have pink eye? From the picture, it just looked like his eye was draining and watering. Just a thought.

Alicia said...

If so, they have antibiotic drops that clear it up fast. Incase you didn't already know that. Sorry, you probably know more than I did when I had my first.