Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Oh wHaT a DaY!

I am usually really happy to have my "spring break" Utah week. It was going to work out so well this year too. We were going to go up for Easter, stay with my family, and then Josh would go back to work and I would stay the rest of the week. It would give me time to see my ailing Grandma, go shopping, see friends AND then I would drive down to Vegas for a College Roommate Reunion Weekend. Ahh.. such Fun! Oh little did I know what would actually happen...

First Josh had to work and couldn't come so he spent Easter alone. Sad.
Second Rome didn't sleep in the car because he was watching CARS and we got in so late on Friday that he didn't go to bed until 9 or 9:30. Ouch.
Third the Poopy day. I was supposed to go out to lunch with my cousin Becky who just had a baby too. She thought he was getting sick so she left him home. Sad. I drove to SLC early and did some shopping, but then had to feed Capri and was late. So, I hurried to the Gateway to meet her. We get there and order food and Capri wakes up and starts crying. She is usually happy and sleeps in the car seat. No, she was stinky and leaking. So I go to the bathroom to clean her up. Lucky I stuck some wipes in the stroller because I was totally out in my purse. Well, she completely missed her diaper and it was everywhere. Yuck! After a wet-wipe bath and some new clothes I go back out and both Becky and Rome are done eating AND Capri is still crying. ugh. So Becky tries to bounce her while I inhale my sandwich and try to keep Rome from jumping out of the high chair. Capri finally goes to sleep and I get her back in the car seat and we head home. I am trying to hurry because she should get hungry again soon and it is about 2 hours late for Rome's nap. He falls asleep in the car so I put him right to bed. He doesn't sleep. I feed Capri and rock her and rock her and finally she goes to sleep. So much for my nap. I eat my fries from lunch as a dinner snack and try to think of what I should feed Rome because it is after 6. I go to get him and he is completely NAKED! yea. Apparently he was poopy so he got undressed, took off his diaper, threw out his blankets and clothes and then peed in his play pen. All I could say was, "WOW" over and over. Lucky I got a snack. I ran Rome a bath and Capri starts screaming. I try to get her in the carrier, but then decide to put her in the bath too. So, I get both of them washed and dressed and THEN my parents come home. They make dinner and help me to wash Rome's bed and rock Capri. I wanted Rome to go to bed on time, but that didn't happen. He goes to bed at 9:30 again. Wow.
Then there is today. I was supposed to have an appointment at 11. I got up and ate. Fed Capri. Fed Rome. Got my brother to distract him so I could shower. I hurried and got everything and everyone in the car and was still 15 min. late. I drive to Heber for my appt. only to find that it was at 10 NOT 11. Ahh phooey! I really wanted that done! So, we go to McDonald's for lunch since it was 11:30. I feed Capri while Rome plays. Then I hurry back to PC to meet my friend Brean and go shopping. I am late again. Rome falls asleep in the car and is OUT while Capri is wide awake. I meet my friend and then call my brother to see if he will hang out at home so Rome can take a nap. He says yes so I hurry home and put Rome in his bed and then wait for Tyler to show up. (oh those teenagers) I try to go shopping, but Capri is now asleep and it is freezing outside. I give up and say goodbye to Brean and try to go to Wal-Mart. Why did I do this now? I don't know really. They don't have any boots, so I buy guys 'ugly' shoes as Josh calls them. It did snow like 3 feet last night and my shoes are not waterproof. Capri is hungry so I go to feed her and she has leaked again. I have 1 diaper left (hence the trip to Wal-Mart) and no wipes. I can't find the bathroom with a changing table and the guy to let me into the dressing rooms is gone so I change her on a bench in the middle of Wal-Mart. Clothes and all. I finally get a dressing room to feed her only to go home and rock her to sleep again. I get a call from my Mom that my Grandma is gone. So, maybe a funeral on Thursday. And maybe no Vegas weekend. Oh, and my trip is only half over.
On the bright side: we saw my Grandma on Saturday and she got to hold Capri(but I didn't get a picture of it, sad), my parents help to feed and play with Rome and rock Capri some of the time, I get to see my friends if only for a minute, I had a great Easter hanging out with my whole family, I got to listen to 1 or 2 talks from Conference uninterrupted, I appreciate the lack of snow in Grand Junction a lot more, I got a shower, I know my Grandma is not in pain anymore, this week has got to get better from here.

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Alicia said...

WOW, what a week! Thanks for reminding me why I shouldn't have another baby right now. I'm overwhelmed just reading your blog. Hope things get better for you. Don't know if you could top that week again.