Saturday, March 13, 2010

Secret Crush

I have a secret Mom crush on this lady. Especially her stuff on motherhood. Perhaps she reminds me of my own family growing up. 5 kids, lots of brothers, crazy house, yea maybe. She is a sister of one of my old roommates. I have actually met her once, but I am sure she doesn't know much of me. That's okay. We can just keep my crush a secret.
I loved this post she did. I think it is because I am so impatient to get to the next stage. I keep going and doing and feel like I get nothing done. Right now just getting a shower is good day and sometimes is the only thing that gets done. I know, I know, Capri is only a month old. Still so small and I feel like I am missing her growing up already! I WANT to be treasuring all the little things that I get to do and both kids being small. But, I want some more sleep too. I hope I get the camera out tomorrow and don't miss it all. Anyway, I just love what Jen has to say about it.


Jana said...

The best motherhood advice I've ever gotten, and that I pass on to everyone, is to NEVER wish away any stage! Don't waste time wishing they were still small, don't waste time wishing they were a little bigger so they could do something new. Because it goes soooo fast. And I'm discoving that with baby #2, it goes even faster. Imagine when you get more!!!

Jen-ben said...

Hey! Jana sent me here. :) That was so nice of you to say! Hang in there....I feel you. Sometimes if I shower, it means it was a good day.
Your family is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Chad, Mindy and girls said...

Time flies, so enjoy it! I can promise you that it will be over before you know it! ps-I still can't believe you were at the dinosaur museum with a one month old baby!! So awesome!