Monday, October 11, 2010

Falling Behind

Yup, missed September too. I know we did fun things, but they seem so long ago already. We mostly stayed home anyway. I know it wasn't cold yet. I kept trying to put long pants on them and then it was 90 degrees outside so we strip them off again. Oh well, summer clothes a bit longer.

Cuddling with Daddy, Rome did that himself

Or just trying to escape, I think she got stuck

Aunt Jenny Came to visit

Cam must be a great teacher

I was there too, don't we look cute

Rome got a real Big Boy Bed (thanks Grandma's house)

It has a super hiding spot

Capri gives great hugs! And slobbery kisses too.

Rome trying to get in on the "cheese"

Rome put his shoes on by himself, socks and all.

Wearing Mommy's shoes (the only time he sits still and its not in focus, boo)

We visited Grandpa who gives great horsey rides

Capri tried cereal puffs, she loves them!

They are so tasty, but not fun in your hair.

Running away from a diaper change. Yes, she is only wearing shoes and a hair bow. I can't keep her away from the window.

Bathtime, mostly fun together

Capri is getting so big! She's quick, but Rome was doing it too. If you look close you can see her mini dimples.

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