Monday, October 11, 2010

Super Sunday

Okay, so I played hookey and stayed home from church on Sunday. I was really sick Saturday and Rome had a fever so it was kind of justified. Anyway, I felt much better Sunday morning and decided I wanted Cinnamon Rolls. Yum! I saw this recipe on the Crap I've Made blog for 1 hour Cinnamon Rolls and wanted to try it. We got up late, but I still thought I had time, so I dove right in.
First Special Step (one of Rome's sayings lately): mix the dough. Not too tough. It might have turned out better if I had listened to the recipe and only added 2 cups of water. It looked really dry so I added 3 and then spent the rest of the mixing time (and some) adding in extra flour to get it not super sticky. I forgot that I was making BREAD because I am so used to making COOKIES. I had to get my hands in there to mix it all up. It might have been really easy if you had one of those fancy Kitchen Aid mixers, which I don't. Rome wanted to help, of course. And then he needed help with anything and everything while my hands were stuck in the dough. Um, NO, I Can't help you NOW. Josh was a good sport though and took the climbing baby and distracted (sort of) the helpful 2 year old.
Second Step: Roll it out. By now Rome is super close, right next to me on the counter (which is not cleared off, just pushed over). I pull out just enough parchment paper to roll it out on. I have tons of dough so it is pretty thick on there, but I get it rolled out without too many extra fingers in it.

He is mixing cereal in the cups I was done using and some he got out.
Third Step: Fill, Roll, Cut. Yup, did those.

They look good right. They were HUGE.
I was feeling pretty good about these only taking an hour when I put them on the stovetop to raise. Then, they didn't. Of course. So I turned the oven down to 200, waited for it to cool down and tried again IN the warm oven. It worked much better.
The kitchen mess.
Last Step: Cook, Frost, Eat. Simple. The cooking went fine. The frosting was great. I used the cream cheese I just happened to have left over in the fridge. Then, eat.
They look tasty don't they. Josh thought they were good, but I disagreed. I thought they tasted like tin can. Yuck! I used my food storage flour and all I can taste is the tin can it came out of. So it took me 2 hours to make 1 hour Cinnamon Rolls that tasted to me like crap. Special. I was highly disappointed. I have heard that you can leave the top off of the flour for a day and the smell will go away, but I have not had any luck with it. Mine still smells, and tastes, like a tin can. I gave one pan away to the boys down the street (and their mom Cathy, I just love her!) they didn't have any problem with them. Maybe it is just me. Maybe I still have super crazy smelling powers left over from being pregnant. Either way, my flour is gross and I wish I could make it more appetizing. It really ruins my baking. And I hardly have any time to bake so that is just Terrible!
On a completely separate note, I started working on Rome's race car costume for our Halloween party this Friday. I think it is stinkin' adorable! Now to keep him from playing with it (i/e crashing and ruining it) until friday...wish me luck.


Richards Family said...

Very cute costume! By the way about the flour. I agree about the tin can. I felt I have "ruined" a batch of cookies before, because of the smelly flour. I solved the problem by purchasing a plastic container that would hold the full can of flour (and seal well) and when I need to get a new can, I dump the flour into the container and leave the lid off for a while - not even a day. The smell does go away, but you have to get it out of the tin can.

Jana said...

Well, they LOOK delicious!!!