Sunday, March 4, 2012

March 2011

These pics are all I have of March since our computer crashed in July and took all my pics with it. Sad. The next few months are even worse.
I made cookies with Rome. He loved it.

Then he wouldn't leave them alone.
And he crashed for a nap after.
Capri tried to get out of her jammies.
Capri loves books. Done with that one.

Next. Mom, leave me alone.
Yummy cottage cheese, everywhere.

The kids' new game. Put every toy in the kitchen and crash into it with the scooter.

They did pretty well taking turns pushing each other.
Capri learned to push the step stool around the kitchen to walk.
I started doing school time with Rome to keep from going crazy stuck inside. He had so much fun and did so well. This was the alphabet box. We put a letter in there and went around the house looking for things that started with that letter. I had way more pics of this that got lost. At least one got saved.
Playing with Daddy.
Rome being a "pirate." I think it had something to do with their eye patch, like they only had one eye, but really I don't know. He just came up with it. I tried to tell him it was a robot, but no, he is a pirate.
Capri would kick off the top and rock on it like it would just "go." Silly girl.
Look at those cute buns!

Chees'n it up!

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