Monday, February 27, 2012

Capri's First Party

Capri had a Ladybug Birthday Party. It was so cute and fun!

Yup, you have a bow up there. Leave it alone!
Awww, Mom!
There is my cutie!
I made her this little dress, but I altered the pattern and it was almost too small to wear. Oops! Later, I added red ties and uncrossed the back so she can wear it as a shirt. Much better! (because it took a long time and is too cute to wear once!)
Ladybug crackers, cute and tasty!
We also snacked on caterpillar grapes, peanut butter and apple butterflies and cream cheese and strawberry heart sandwiches.
We made bug antennae with headbands and pipe cleaners. Rome was "Hopper" from Bugs Life.
We played pin the dots on the ladybug. (yea, I made that too!)
Rome liked it. Look I did it!
Capri wasn't a fan of the antennae.

Capri's little cake. Really the only one we ate at the party because we only had one guest and they didn't eat cake. So, we just split this one. Capri couldn't have eaten it all anyway.
The balloons with Rome.

The balloons on the move, more often than not.


The real cake. The lady said she could make cute ladybugs with chocolate frosting. Yea, this is what I got. Oh well, at least they are reusable. For future reference, I am never buying a whole sheet cake again. Cupcakes are just as tasty and easier to give away.

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Chad, Mindy and girls said...

LOVE the ladybug theme! Super cute!!