Friday, February 24, 2012

Capri Catch Up

Out of the 30 or so albums that are missing on this Blog, the one I feel the worst about is Capri. I totally missed all of her milestones. The last post on here was 8 months old. Eek, that is a long time ago. So, ready yourself for a fast forward update.
9 Months Old
I love this outfit!

10 Months Old
Not sitting still anymore!
Look at those blue eyes, Just like Mommy

11 Months Old
I love me a nakie baby!
(She still wears that sweater, such a skinny minnie!)

12 Months Old
I am not doing this picture thing.
Seriously, no pictures. (I think I took away the saline drops)
Okay, maybe one smile.

Getting Soo Big!
Okay, so this was November and I may have skipped over the last 12 months. I will get there!

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