Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pirate Parrrty

Rome turned 4 this year. He is getting so big! He has been very into pirates, so I thought it would be fun to have a Pirate Birthday Party. He changed his mind after the invites were out and wanted a Pirate-Lightening McQueen Party. Um, sorry Buddy. We are sticking to Pirates.
I made these cute invites in the shape of a pirate hat.
I even thought of adding a strip to the bottom so they could stand up. I felt so clever! He he!
I was all excited planning fun stuff for the party. I found these cool skull cupcake decorations and gift boxes to cut out on my Silhouette.
I even had extra time one day to make a Pirate Banner. I cut out the letters on my Silhouette too. Some days I Love that thing!
The cute gift boxes filled with Pirate Loot! (silver kisses, gold Reese's, Shark fruit snacks, a Ring Pop, a necklace and some Pirate tattoos.
I also cut out this super big Pirate Skull for the flag and used the negatives from the invites to make some Pirate Hats. I had eye patches and bandanas too in case anybody needed one.
I made chocolate cupcakes with blue frosting for waves and red and green apple Pirate ships on top. The cupcakes were a bit of a disaster. I first made egg-free ones the day before and they were tasty, but very fragile. They were falling out of the wrappers the next morning. No way I could frost those. So, the morning of I made another batch of just regular cupcakes. Lucky I bought two boxes of cake mix at the store.
I also had all this extra time to design and cut out skull food labels. They were so cute! It was really windy though, so they are all securely taped on. I thought of all this cute Pirate food to eat too. Breadstick "swords", Hot dot "squids", Beefy "cannonballs" (meatballs), Fruity Scrolls (fruit roll ups), Peg-leg Pretzels, Fruity Jewels (fruit- in scooped out watermelons. A first for me and my dad tried to throw them away!), and Skeleton Bones (pretzels with marshmallows covered in white chocolate- they were gone in two seconds!). Okay, to be fair, most of the ideas came from Pinterest. They are still cute.
I Love how the Pirate Flag turned out! The table doesn't look much like a ship, but oh well. You get the idea.
I even froze Cool-aid in skull shapes for the drinks. The kids thought they were so cool! Tasty too. I had a red skull frozen for the water, but somebody used warm tap water to fill the water so it melted very fast. grrr... This was the first time my cool ice cubes have actually been used though. Woohoo!
The kids table before the wind started. What cute pirates!
I had a Treasure Hunt planned for outside, but after we ate the wind came up like crazy! It was a mad dash to get everything the 10 feet back into the house. I said to put stuff on the table so people could keep eating, but nobody listened. So, we had food and decorations everywhere. I pretty much gave up at that point. Pregnancy will do that sometimes. Luckily we got this super awesome gave for the Kinect. It is called Super Fine Double Action Happy Theatre. Or something like that. It is the best 3 year old game ever. Well, I guess he is 4 now, but Capri loves it too. It shows your room filled with balloons to pop or fish or lava and you can interact with whatever is on the screen. It really is so cool. (and if nobody plays it just rotates to the next scene, no interaction needed) So, here is the kids playing. It was so fun to watch them and they loved it too!
Rome and his Pirate Ship Cupcakes. He looks so excited doesn't he.
Blowin' out the candles.
Capri with her Pirate Loot.
Grandma and Grandpa flew in that afternoon for the party and the weekend. As an extra surprise my Brother and his family (and Uncle Tyler) showed up too! Cousin Abi is always a big hit! Capri loved Baby 'Looklyn' too.
Trying to get a picture with my little pirates.
No smiles. What can you say, they were pirates...
The Thank You notes. I found these at a cool blog for free! (I will have to find the link sometime) Aren't they so cute?

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