Sunday, July 22, 2012

Capri is Two

Just an update on Capri and her Special Two-ness.
 Test tasting the flour- yum!
 Its a hat Mom!
 Why get dressed when you look this cute?
 unless its Pretty Pink Princess day
 Yo Gabba Gabba Birthday
 Rainbow Fruit, Sprinkle Rice Krispy treats and Hot Dogs on a pretzel
 Cute Birthday Rainbow Tutu
 Rainbow streamers (they didn't last long)
 Eating yummy sprinkle cupcakes
 Valentine's bear from Daddy
 Outfit from Grandma P
Sneaking into Mommy's bed
 Swim Lessons
 Sharing the Horsey Rocker
 Helping Daddy Fish
 Making Fishy faces
 Dressing Herself
 Spaghetti Face
 Checking on the Baby Chickies
 What you get when you ask for "happy"
 Awesome Bubble Gun outside
 Licking the beater
 Helping Mommy cook
 Just being cute
 Asleep at dinner because she refuses to take a nap
 Ketchup face
 Unless she is really worn out
 In the kennel with Baby Zeusy
 Cute Panty Buns
 My sweetheart!
 Taking her babies for a walk
 Potty training and Pink Cowboy boots
 Fishing with Daddy
 Cheese it up!
 Backyard swimming
 What is with the face?
 Cute Buns- with socks
Sneaking into Mommy's bed- with entertainment
Yup, she's two. Can you tell? 

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