Monday, August 20, 2012

I'm New Here!

Well, it has been two weeks. I guess I should tell you all that he is here.

 Turino Richard Perotti was born Aug. 6 th at 12:35 am.

 He is a big boy. 8 lbs 5.4 oz. and 21 inches long

 So glad Grandma could make it!
 He has already been nicknamed "cheeks"
 Meeting Baby Brother
 So happy to have her baby here.
 Rome kept asking if he had eyes. Yes, he is just sleeping.
 Family of Five! I never thought it would happen.

 Can we go home yet?
 In their dinosaur outfits. Not that you can tell.

I am so SO glad that he finally arrived. After two weeks I am feeling much better. I can lean over and get on the floor if I want to. I can eat a salad, but no milk or ice cream. I guess I needed to lose weight anyway. The best part is I can cuddle Baby T and kiss those chubby cheeks anytime I want to! I just love you so much!

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