Thursday, June 5, 2008

Goodbye Grandpa

So, my Grandpa Johnson has not been doing very well the last couple of years. He started getting sick and just gave up. It was very sad to hear him say that he was done. This last week my mom and her siblings have decided to let him go. He was taken off of all of the medicine keeping him alive and they are just going to make him comfortable. They expect that he will not last until next week. I wondered if I should go up to SLC to say goodbye, but he isn't there anymore. It has been hard enough seeing him get so sick and out of it. I talked to him on the phone and he didn't know who I was.

The Grandpa I knew was always grumpy. He would just as soon swear at you as talk to you. He would tease me about my boyfriend in Magna from the time I took the bus going the wrong way to go to piano lessons. I had to call him and ask how to get back. I have never lived it down. He used to call me Josephine, which I would complain every time is not my name. Him and Grandma were always fighting, mostly about nothing. I learned that yelling is a good form of loving communication. He would yell at me for giving away Every smashed cheese sandwich that he made just for me. He took care of me every time I got sick and had to stay at his house, which was a lot. One year I missed a good month of school and spent every day with him. He fed me hot chocolate and popsicles for my sore throat all day long. When I was 12 he saved my life from a push pop I accidentally swallowed whole. He always accused me of forgetting to come back and give him a hug when we would come over. I would never forget. I will never forget. I love you Grumpy Grandpa.

Grandpa Johnson passed away the next morning.

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Annie said...

Oh Jocie. I'm sorry.