Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Seven Things I Want

From Annie

1. A REALLY good 4 hour nap at any time during a 24 hour period
2. A shower without a crying baby at the end
3. A meal with vegetables (Josh highly dislikes them) that I do not have to cook
4. A baby that is not sick and stays clean and dry for more than a couple hours (its lucky I have tons of blankets and onesies)
5. To fit into my regular clothes so I have more to wear than 3 pairs of pants and really old t-shirts
6. The flowers in my front garden to not die because they look so pretty and make me happy (water helps when I can get out here, which is not often)
7. Something that resembles a schedule
Extra: A perfect memory so I won't forget my little guy being so little and perfect.

I tag- Lacey, Autumn, Jana, Misty, Clare

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