Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rome's Blessing

So we had Rome's baby blessing when he was a month old on Father's Day. It was perfect! My whole family came down, including Dan and Clare from New York And all Grandparents (I guess they are Greats now). My ward just split so there was a new ward, a new building (20 minutes away) and a new bishop. But it all turned out well. My dad did the Blessing and then Josh held Rome up REALLY high so everyone could see him. It was so cute! After church we took a family picture and then went back to our house for some great food provided by Josh's sister Alexa who came to visit too. It was delicious, Thanks Alexa! Josh's mom found his outfit that was just adorable. If you can't tell it is a little white tuxedo jumpsuit with shiny lapels and a bowtie. Thanks Suzi! He was so good the whole time and we were glad everyone could come down to share this with us.

The whole family (well my side)

Hes a happy boy!

What a sad face!

Burping is hard

Alexa and Rome

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Autumn said...

Such a cute baby!! I'm glad you had such a happy day :)