Saturday, July 12, 2008


Josh's Parents invited us up to their cabin next to Yellowstone for a party and long weekend. We decided to drive the 9 hour trip. Josh was very impatient, but we made it in 10 1/2 hours only stopping 3 times to feed Rome. Pretty good I would say. We had a great time. Dick and Suzi watched Rome while we drove around Yellowstone. I was worried the whole time that he would cry and be fussy even though I left tons of milk for him. Of course, he was fine with Grandpa and Grandma. The party was fun too. Rome met lots of people and his cousins were great helpers when he needed changed or I needed a drink. We drove home on Sunday and are glad we survived our first Road Trip!

Me at a pretty hot springs

Josh photogenic as usual

So Pretty! But don't touch...Its HOT

Old Faithful, see that empty spot to the right? Yea, that is where we sat and got a sulfur water shower. Yuck.

We saw Buffalo, How cool!

Feeding the fish

Hanging out at the party

My little helpers, Rome's cousins

Rome making the rounds (look at his super cute shoes!)

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Lacey said...

Super fun! Last time I was in Yellowstone I was pregnant and sick...a I love how the shoes match his coat!