Thursday, July 24, 2008

My New 'Do and The Dark Knight

So, last Thursday I got this crazy idea in my head that I should go get a perm. I had mentioned it to Josh a couple of times months ago. So, I brought it up and he said it would be fine. "Whatever" was his exact statement. I called the salon I go to and made an appointment for Friday at 10 am. I was sooo excited! I made sure that Rome and I got up early (sometimes we sleep in until 11). I got dressed and got him ready and we made it there ONLY 5 minutes late. (after a diaper blow out too) I was so proud of myself. He was hungry, of course, right when we got there and I made the poor lady wait half an hour while I fed him. So, we got started and it was going just fine. Rome slept most of the time. He had another blow out on me, great I can handle this. We get done 4 hours later and one flashing of the whole salon while trying to feed him and he has Another blow out. Ok, we are totally going home and he gets an afternoon bath. Then, I see my hair... It is awful! It is frizzed out to the point of being straight. I try not to freak out. It doesn't work. I get it wet, I put no frizz stuff in it, nothing works. So, I go to sleep and hope it gets better tomorrow. No luck, I still look like a poodle. I call the salon and they tell me it has only been 24 hours and it will get better after I wash it. Great. I call my aunt who is a hair dresser and she says to put LOTS of conditioner in it. Three showers and lots of tears later, it helps a little. I try to stay away from Josh who keeps telling me, "you look fine, its not that bad." Just what I want to hear right? Well, on Monday, after I wash it, and put in more conditioner, and leave in conditioner, it looks okay. Definitely not what I had in mind, but I can work with it.

Now, Josh is trying to be really nice. He gets home early from work and I get my friend to watch Rome while we go to see The Batman. It was really nice of Josh and I was pretty distracted by the movie from worrying about Rome crying the entire time we are gone. Until, the lamp breaks and the screen goes black. The theater guys say they are fixing it and then it won't work and come get a raincheck and then it starts going again. I am SOO ready to go home and rescue my baby from the torture he must be in because I am not there! But, we are already there and have seen most of the movie, so we stay. It was a great movie! I really liked it. We go to pick up Rome AND he is completely fine! They said he didn't cry at all and took the bottle just fine and I worried for nothing. I was so very glad. Thank you Jackie! We figure that they must have held him and carried him around the entire time we were gone, but I don't care, he was good for them and we got a date night. Yea!

Not as great as high school, but it will work.


Autumn said...

I think you look just like you did in high school!! That's pretty impressive actually :) I'm happy for your date night. Jeff went and saw that movie but I though I'd be too scared so I didn't go. I'm a wuss, I know :) What happened to me!?! I used to be so edgy :)

Jocie said...

Don't feel bad Autumn, I am not allowed to see really scary movies. Apparently they give me nightmares and that is really annoying to Josh. Even though He talks in his sleep All the time.

Jana said...

I love your hair Jo! It's way cute. You're definitely a curly girl.

Lacey said...

Yeah!! I always thought that perm was one of your best looks. I think it look great and bonus I bet it is easy to do!

Annie said...

I thought that first picture was a recent one! Ha ha! You have not changed! (Which is a good thing!) Thank goodness it all worked out! And go you!! You are so brave for taking your babe to a four hour hair appointment!

Anyway, you look gorgeous! I consider getting a perm every once in a long while, but always chicken out. It's the whole keeping it up that gets me. Same reason I don't color my hair. :)

Funny how the babes don't need us as much as we think they should, huh? Glad you got a night out!