Friday, August 8, 2008

Birthday Weekend

August 1st was Josh's Birthday. His friend, Cory, came down to visit and they went on a fishing trip to Lake Powell. I hear that is was very hot and very fun. I took the opportunity to visit my family in Salt Lake. I was going to spend the whole weekend visiting friends, but decided to go on a backpacking trip with my parents and two brothers instead. (Crazy, I know) We had fun despite the hiking and rocks and dirt and mosquitoes and Dad's special "shortcuts". I keep wondering why I do things like this and then I realized that when I am with my family, I get a Big break from taking care of the baby. I love Rome, but I Love break time too! What a great family I have! Anyway, we made it back alive and I took Tyler home with me to spend some time in Colorado.

Super Birthday Cake; Josh, Cory and the Boat

We saw Cam Dance Friday night, so fun!


Tuckered out!

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Annie said...

You are brave! We're talking about going camping Labor Day weekend but I can't imagine trying to get my one year old to sleep out in the wild!! Ha ha! Good for you! Looks like fun!