Monday, August 18, 2008

3 Months Old!

Yea, Rome is 3 Months old! He is soo big. He is such a happy baby. He is tickelish and has the cutest giggle! He loves to babble and to practice sitting up and standing. He is just starting to grab for things and very often chews on his hands. He thinks that blowing raspberries is very funny and tries to do it, but ends up blowing bubbles and drooling all day long. Josh taught him how to scream the other day and now he loves to scream at Daddy! So, I guess he is testing out his voice. I tried to get a video of him giggling and talking, but they are not very good. He likes to look at the camera and stop whatever he is doing. Oh well.

Not going to smile, Eating his fist

Okay maybe a little one, Reading a book

Posing with my teddy bear

This is him babbling a little, it is kind of quiet.

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Jana said...

This SUCH a cute picture!!! And it's so fun when they discover their voice. I love it...