Sunday, August 31, 2008

6 Quirks

Ok it IS another tagging game, but I like them and think they are fun. So too bad!

1. I have a weird fear of losing something important from a great height. I am Not afraid of heights, I am just afraid that I might lose a glove from the ski lift or my camera down the unending hole in a cave or a my purse off of a roller coaster. I realize it is crazy, but I hold on to things and check where they are constantly when I am up high. And no it does not really matter if the thing was Really important or not, I just DO NOT want to lose it!

2. I have food issues. I think that things should be eaten a certain way and that Josh is crazy when he does it differently. I am working on it, but I still have to take a deep breath when we eat Chinese food and Josh eats the crunchy noodles and the rice BY THEMSELVES. Who does that? You are obviously supposed to mix the stuff together.

3. My feet need to be comfortable. I hate them being too hot or too cold, but I can't wear socks to bed. Also, I Hate wet socks. Which brings me to my next one

4. I hate to be half wet. I love to swim, but if I am going to be wet, I need to be all wet or all dry NOT half way. It drives me NUTS. Therefore I do not like doing dishes because I always end up with a wet shirt front. Yuck!

5. I hate cut hair. I usually tell the hair stylist to barely even dry my hair after it is cut because I will immediately go home and wash it again. I even sit away from the car seat because I might get some hair on it. Josh does not mind it at all, so I have to make him go shower too. The hair just gets everywhere and is itchy and sticky. Oooh I dislike it A LOT.

6. I am very forgetful. Josh thinks it is so strange that I can remember what I wore when we went somewhere but not what we did yesterday or the movie we watched last week. I know it is weird, but I can remember certain things so vividly, but only if they are completely random and unimportant. Go figure.

I tag : 1. Lacey 2. Mylee 3. Autumn 4. Misty 5. Jana 6. Cam (yea you!)


Cameron said...

I also hate cut hair. I just can't stand it!

Jocie said...

Josh read these and told me I was really weird. Yet, he wasn't surprised by any of them. haha!