Saturday, May 24, 2008

Photo Question

I cannot beleive it has almost been two weeks! I swear he is bigger already. I keep trying to get a good picture of his beautiful blue eyes and I am having troubles with it. Every one just comes out looking black, even after I edit them and add more light. We think they are changing already and getting darker. I am a little sad and really want a picture of them.

SO, the question to my photo savvy friends is: How can I get a good picture of his blue eyes with my regular digital camera and being somewhat technology-retarded?
Please, let me know!


Annie said...

Try putting him in natural light (like in a window) and turn the flash off. Is your camera just a point and shoot?

Jana said...

That would be my suggestion too. Put him by a window or take him outside. Try it in the sun and in the shade.

Jocie said...

yea it is just a regular point and shoot digital camera. It has some cool things like for snow and fireworks, but I don't use them and when I tried I did not see a difference.
ALSO when I take Rome outside he closes his eyes. Even in the shade. So I have a million pictures of him with squinty eyes. I will have to keep trying.