Saturday, September 27, 2008

Its Almost Scarin' Time

I am so Stinkin' excited for Halloween! I just can't wait to get out our big box of decorations. Every year we get new scary stuff. Not that we need any more, but Josh loves it too so we kinda go crazy. We have talking skulls and wailing ghosts and spiders that drop on you and severed arms and rats in a trap and scary sounds and a fog machine (a tiny one) and more! AND we are having a PARTY! What is Halloween without a fun party with costumes and too many sweets? So, if you feel like driving to Colorado, I would LOVE to see you at our party. I am hoping for more than the 4 guests we got last year. It was double the amount of the year before! Anyway, it is on the 25th. OR you could just trick-or-treat our house. We love trick-or-treaters! We are the house in the middle, hidden between all the dark houses on our wierd little street. Ugh, can't they see that Halloween is the greatest!?

Even the little dogs get in on the action!


Misty said...

Jo- just wanted to say HI. I miss you!

The Funky Bunch said...

Halloween is so fun!! An excuse to eat lots of candy! We're doing a party this year too...our first one. We're way excited!