Monday, September 8, 2008

Yuba Wonderful!

My family decided to make one last boating trip this summer. They all went down to Yuba State Park to camp (in the RV of course), wakeboard, tube and eat. I drove up Saturday morning to join them. Josh really wanted to go and bring our boat too, but he got sick so he stayed home. Rome had a great time. I forgot his lifejacket so he stayed in the RV and played on the grass. I went wakeboarding only a few times, but enough to get throughly sunburnt and sore everywhere. I also went on the tube. I remember telling dad to take it easy and be nice, but that is not what happened. I was waterburned on multiple occassions and could fall off of the huge mattress tube. I think you need shorts to stay on that thing. Finally dad eased up and we could do some tricks on the mattress. It was pretty funny. It was also a party for Chase's Birthday and we ate birthday watermelon, yum! It was a short trip, but so fun!
My mom got most of the pics, so they will come later.

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